1. L

    Graziano vs. RBT

    'Tired of trying to get Google to cooperate: What is the difference in overall length between an RBT 5-gear transaxle vs. a Graziano 5-gear? Weight diff? Thanks...
  2. Callaghan

    Throttle cable length

    Stock Superformance throttle cable length is 121" Sleeve length with threaded ends is 104" Peddle box end is a clovis type cable is 1/16" thick I looked everywhere for these measurements and couldn't find them so here they are for posterity... Don't be stupid like me and keep...
  3. K

    Bundle of Snakes Advice

    The stainless steel bundle of snakes I received with the RCR GT40 project I purchased turned out not to fit the car. Everything is too high and too wide to fit under the fiberglass rear clip. I'm in the re-design stage of re-working the exhaust and am looking for opinions on what clearances...
  4. E

    How to measure the length of the header tubes?

    I have read that the original GT40s had a header tube length of 36". Is this the distance from the flange at the head to the start of the collector or ...? I have heard conflicting opinions on whether the length is the tube length (which would include the tube that is slipped inside the...
  5. T

    Ford windsor/cleveland length?

    Hi Im trying to make a decent 3d model for starters but im missing the length of the engineblock. Does someone know a place I can find it or happen to have the dimensions? The dimensions i need is from the bellhouse surface to front of the block and the total length inc the pulley.
  6. Dreamcars


    Hello Fellows, Were did the summer go? I was so busy with other things that the SLC took second seat. Here are some pictures from what I got done. Nothing exiting. The typical problems on placing the A/C. As already done before me. The evaporator was inverted 180 Degree and the housing was...
  7. D


    Does anybody know the length of a GTD40 and the AC Cobra? It's only for a discussion on another place. Dave