1. D

    Mark II and Mark IV component suppliers

    A curious question, who supplied the brakes and shock absorbers? This is my firstpostand it's nice being here. Thanks
  2. M


    I am trying to contact Kress motorsport but struggling,I know Fran has been unwell and if anyone has info that would be helpful I am looking for good quality steering wheel emblem Regards mark
  3. YerDugliness

    Looks like H&M MkIIs have approval for European racing

    This info copied from the H&M website today (1/18/2018): | Holman & Moody Mark II | "Now with FIA Chassis type approval our new Mark IIs are being sold with FIA vintage passports for racing in Europe." That oughta start a new brawl! Nothing said about Mark Is... Cheers! Doug
  4. G

    Handbrake Caliper

    Recently acquired a part built MDA which requires handbrake calipers. The car has cast alloy uprights with GT40 cast on them. There are two threaded holes ready to take a caliper @ 3 1/2” centres. The discs are 20mm wide and have Wilwoods fitted for general braking... Tried uploading a photo...
  5. M

    Oil fillter

    Anybody got a part number for a 1973 302 oil filter Regards mark
  6. M

    Southern gt visit

    We are on the way down to sgt tomorow from the northwest ,if anybody needs anything collecting and bringing back just give us the nod Regards mark and Sam
  7. Z

    Newbie from Maine

    Hello. I'm new to this. I've been a Jaguar person all my life - still am - but I lived in France in 1965 when Ford kicked Ferrari's ass at Le Mans and fell in love with the achingly beautiful lines of the car. Now retired, I'm torn between a Cobra, a Le Mans Cobra or a GT40. Now: before I get...
  8. MHNCO

    Rocky Mountain hurricane

    It was windy here yesterday. Can be this way in the winter quite often. These breakers are probably 5 feet tall its hard to capture the scale. It really was strong after the 1 min mark. This video was stabilized while processing. It was jerking all over and all I could do to stay on my feet. I...
  9. M

    Wheel tyre combo

    Has anybody got pictures of the wheels and tyres on a wide body car,any pictures of avon 295 50 15 on a 12ins rims Thanks mark