Newbie from Maine

Hello. I'm new to this. I've been a Jaguar person all my life - still am - but
I lived in France in 1965 when Ford kicked Ferrari's ass at Le Mans and fell in love with the achingly beautiful lines of the car. Now retired, I'm torn between a Cobra, a Le Mans Cobra or a GT40. Now: before I get dumped on I only need
the slightest hint of a nudge to go for a GT40. I'd like to build a Mark 1 with a 427 side-oiler but I'd like to know which kit to go for and if it can be built for comfort as well as speed; I am no longer a boy racer but I'd like to take my lady to meets and on outings with AC and good leather etc...
I know my way around an engine bay and am familiar with fabrication and body work having built and raced vintage Jags (XK150S and Mark 2's) for classic races. Cheers to you all,