1. D

    2018 Classic Motor Show, NEC, 9-11 November

    Dear fellow enthusiasts It's that time of year again... Dick Townsend and I are organising the event for the club. We're looking for volunteers to man the stand at this years Classic Motor Show at the NEC. Volunteers get complementary entry tickets. We also need 6 cars to go on the...
  2. C

    Break-in oil - recommendations

    What's a good break-in motor oil for a new Ford crate motor? Synthetic? Old skool non-synthetic? Recommended weight? Thanks
  3. K

    ac belt part #

    does anyone know ac belt part# using ls3 motor
  4. C

    FS USA Power Wiper Kit

    Its a Snap! Brand new, never used, wiper kit includes wiper motor, wiring, switch, wiper transmissions which fits common sized wiper arms, and aluminum tubing for housing the drive cable. This came with the RCR GT-40 parts. Max dimensions: 37 L x 6 W x 6 D + Heavy Duty Wiper Motor + Wiring...
  5. L

    Carbon gtr

    The mission begins the first purchase for what I will call the Carbon GTR, a Ford 3.5 Ecoboost Motor Twin Turbo sent to Fran @ RCR. [/ATTACH] Larry
  6. J

    IVA Fail .....2....

    :furious: Hi all Well she failed AGAIN .......... on 2 things he rekons he missed on the 1st test ............He wants a couple more zip ups on the battery lead to the starter motor ........... and is now Questioning the paperwork on the rear plexy glass . ... cant believe this tosser...
  7. Dwight

    best heat shield material

    OK it cold outside and we need something to talk about. So my question is. What is the better heat shield material for the rear deck above the motor & exhaust, aluminum or stainless? Polished or raw? Why Dwight
  8. C

    Oil cooler placement

    Just wondering if I should expect some troubles with this oil cooler placement. It's rather high, just about the same height as the mid-point of the valve covers. It's located there because this is what was the fresh air inlet for the intake on the old turbo motor. I'll add a fan to boost...
  9. Yuji Yamada

    TRICO wiper motor

    Hi, My wiper motor is out of work and looking for the replacement. I’d like to keep the wiper linkage as is, I.e. GTD standard wiper linkage, so need to find the equivalent motor to original TRICO 532348/-/Z. Thus, it’ll be appreciated if anyone could let me know any production cars having...
  10. J

    FS USA Motor Mounts

    These are brand new Energy Suspension motor mounts for SBF. Never used. New they go for $168 at Summit. Looking for $120 OBO plus shipping
  11. G

    Motor mounts

    Fran sent me a MK II last week and I'm putting an FE in with a Porsche 930 behind it. I've spent a fair amount of time looking thru the threads here and haven't been able to find much about motor mounts. The first order of business is to get the gear box mounted to the engine and set in the...
  12. Callaghan

    Hateful 8, a painful update

    I hadn't thought a build log was necessary on this car but I'm hundreds of hours in with my own time and now this.... So this was supposed to be the part where I said I'm so happy to have the car finally home. Driving my lady for the first time in my new GT40 and stopping in out of the way...
  13. S

    LS7 Engine For sale - Near Complete Drop Out

    SOLD!!! Price Drop: 8500 Posting here in case there are any SL-C guys or a GTM lurker who might be looking for an engine. Asking 8500 USD for what you see below, I am located in Manassas Va. LS7 Engine from 2008 Corvette Z06 for sale. 12K Miles, all cylinders have compression within 4lbs of...
  14. M

    Original GT40 Mk II Heads?

    Had oil blowing out the valve cover gaskets on my Contemporary Cobra on to #5 and #1 plugs. So, I decided to clean the mess up, and replaced the valve cover gaskets on both sides. I had been told by the person who sold me the Cobra that his father, a racer, had bought the motor (have receipt)...
  15. N

    Help with motor to clutch setup

    I have Ford 347 twin turbo motor driving a Porsche g50 / 52 transaxle since i am now using a pull clutch what effect will that have on the engine as they normally run a push clutch Anyone out there running the same combo?
  16. MikeP

    Motor Sport Magazine

    In the July 2017 edition of Motor Sport magazine there is a 23 page spread on the GT40, Mainly about running P1000W at Spa. Cheers Mike
  17. C

    Newbie here

    Hello GT40 posters, I am relatively new to owning a classic and even newer to joining forums but I find this particular one very informative and friendly. My 'Frankenstein' classic is an old Ferrari that has a GM motor and a ZF transaxle. I have found more information about my transmission...
  18. F

    Big Bend Open Road Race 2017

    This year's race went only slightly better for us. After trashing the LS7 last year, we stuffed in a more budget friendly LS1. Motor was fresh from a reputable shop with a stock lower end. Tuned on a rolling Dyno after it was in the car. Motor lasted through about 15 Dyno pulls, a 20 mile...
  19. Yuji Yamada

    Wiper motor for GTD

    Hi, It looks I do need to replace the wiper motor although I seldom drive in rainy days. Thus, it'll be appreciated if you could let me know the part number and manufacture of the wiper motor for GTD40? Thanks
  20. T

    GTD starter motor

    Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me where i can get a replacement starter motor for my 1992 GTD. The current one i know its not a FORD unit.... Looking for a hi-torque replacement Cheers