LS7 Engine For sale - Near Complete Drop Out


Price Drop: 8500

Posting here in case there are any SL-C guys or a GTM lurker who might be looking for an engine. Asking 8500 USD for what you see below, I am located in Manassas Va.

LS7 Engine from 2008 Corvette Z06 for sale. 12K Miles, all cylinders have compression within 4lbs of one another.

This was a take out (drop out) engine from a wrecked Z06. A tree fell on the car and crushed the cabin, which is why it was totaled. Engine was test ran prior to removal, and worked fine. I have had this engine approx 3 years, I was using it for mock up on a project car, but decided to go with a purpose built race motor instead of rebuilding this motor. Motor has been well treated and protected during the build. Valley and Rockers looks very good and clean.

I am selling motor with nearly all accessories needed to run, making this a true drop in. I have had to pirate some parts for my own build, and I have those missing items called out below.

2008 LS7 Engine, stock, 12K Miles
All Brackets (Less A/C compressor Bracket)
All Covers (Valley, Timing, Valve covers, oil pan, etc)
Water pump (needs outlet barb replaced)
Coil Brackets
Intake Manifold
Exhaust - Stock Ls7 Manifolds and Cats
Harness (Some Plugs have been clipped)
Fuse Box
Beauty Covers (Red/Plastic)
Dry Sump Tank and oil Lines ('08 version)
LS7 Clutch - 12K miles, looks good.
LS7 Flywheel (removed, it and the pilot bearing have been removed and will need to be reinstalled, pilot bearing provided)
Stock Balancer/Damper
Water Pump
Main Drive tensioner
Spark Plugs
Bolts required for parts which have been pulled off, but are included with sale.
Beauty Covers
Fuse Block
Starter Harness

Parts That you will need to get up and running:
Power Steering pump
Fuel Rail
Throttle Body
Z06 Gas Pedal
Wiring harness - or plugs to replace the ones I clipped off for my build
Coils; Coil Harness
Plug Wires
Main drive idler pulley
AC Compressor
AC Compressor Bracket
A/C Belt Tensioner

Can ship if needed, have crate for the engine.

Drop box of engine running prior to being pulled.
Dropbox - 20140907_145204_001.3gp
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I've attached the best photos of the engine I have at the moment, there are components which are associated with it, but not shown. Please see above.

I've also linked a drop box video of the engine running prior to removal from the vette.

Video of Engine running prior to removal:
Dropbox - 20140907_145204_001.3gp

Please note this is just for the items listed in the above post (transaxle, TB, injectors/rails, pan adapter not included).



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I have the following WPs

2X Meziere WP361 water pumps (Used)
2X Davies Craig Water pump controllers (Used)
I'll sell the above as pairs (pump + controller) for 325 asking per pair

Tons of Meziere water pump fittings (New and used) -10 each
Meziere WP430 external belt driven water pump, Brand new - Have a custom set up to run this on a C6Z beltline - 300
Renegade hybrids coolant manifold, brand new only used for mock up (For electric WP) - 325
Added Pictures.

Hockeydude is my avatar on, so thats the reason for that piece of paper with the date.


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