2018 Classic Motor Show, NEC, 9-11 November

Dear fellow enthusiasts

It's that time of year again...

Dick Townsend and I are organising the event for the club. We're looking for volunteers to man the stand at this years Classic Motor Show at the NEC. Volunteers get complementary entry tickets.

We also need 6 cars to go on the stand. It would be good to get a mix of cars, ideally an original or two, and perhaps some that have never been at the show before.

Can you help? If so, please either respond below or drop me a PM.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks Michael and Jason!

* Michael - see you next week at Le Mans!
* Jason - we'll send you a postcard....

Any more takers??

Andy Green

Hi Darren,
I can offer my services on the stand on the Saturday if that helps.
I presume you're taking your '40 to LeMans next week, so I'll see you there.
Thanks Andy
Yes, Dick and I are at Le Mans from Thursday onward, so if anybody wants to have a chat about what's involved in having your car at the show, or helping man the stand, please feel free to have a chat.

You can normally find me near my car (Gulf No 11)
Hi all

Thanks for the kind offers to help man the stand - I'll be in contact to confirm dates, tickets etc soon.

So.... all we need now is 6 cars! (we currently don't have any!) Can anybody help?


Hi Guys

So, only a couple of months to go and we still don't have any cars for the stand!

Any takers? The cars can go behind our lovely red velvet ropes if it helps!


Hi all
We now have a few cars and some volunteers. We still need 2 more cars and some volunteers! Free entry to the event for any who help out.