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Primary issue on seats in the SLC is headroom. I doubt the GT-R has much more headroom than the SLC. To have adequate headroom, you need a seat with at least a 45 degree layback.
Does anyone know if this seat would fit in a GT-R? I have found info about seats in the superlite but not much on the GT-R. I realize the interior is much larger on the GT-R. The seat is the Sparco SPX. Looks like a nice seat for a GT-R.

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The Tillett seats are 35" tall and clear with room to spare in the GT-R. 36" will clear but fitment would depend on how much the padding raises the driver off of the floor.

Jared V

Thanks for the advice. I believe like others said that the SPXs would be too tall. I am now trying to purchase some OEM Ford GT seats. Fran says they will fit. They are expensive compared to some other aftermarket options.
Height & width are always a problem. I bought a set of racing type seats a couple of years ago for my Corvette. Thought they'd look great in it. Only problem they were too wide ! Ended up in my son's 70 beetle LOL