1. 6

    Lola GT MK6 Early Photos

    Other than the couple of photos from the introduction at the Racing Car Show, these photos from Silverstone Trophy race May 11th are the earliest photos prior to running Le Mans. I was interesting to see the original configuration. Photos courtesy of Revs Institute® Archives, George Phillips...
  2. M

    FS USA Aeromotive A1000

    Never used in anger. Was for fitment studies in two different projects. In original box although may not have all original fittings. I do not know what the original came with as I am the second ''owner". $100.00 + shipping
  3. Charlie Farley

    GT40 Gold Parts . com

    Hello Fellow Forum Members, Just a short note, to let those know that follow the reproduction of original parts, that I'm finally back in the saddle and will very soon be undertaking a major revision of the offerings on the website. Having spent a very large portion of my time last year...
  4. J

    New gt40 monocoques available!

    Hey everyone, look at this website I've stumbled upon. They are selling original-style FIA GT40 tubs, suspendion, brakes, Etc It appears all parts are FIA-spec and is very exciting indeed. I have no link with the website, but thought you'd all be very interested, especially as there's some...
  5. C

    FS USA Original Shafer Bearings

    I have one complete set of Shafer bearings for MKI suspension. MKII is the same, but does not use the bearing for the rear upper control arms. We paid Shafer to do a small production run, and this is the last set. Brand new, in the boxes. $2500
  6. J

    FS EU Gulf Style Monocoque

    I've been made aware of a Gulf/JW Automotive style monocoque for sale, which is exact in every detail and produced from original FAV drawings. Naturally, it's not cheap, but if you'd like more details, then I can put you in touch with the owner. Please email: [email protected] Best...
  7. J

    ***original parts required***

    NOTHING TOO BIG NOR TOO SMALL- I'll pay top Dollar/Sterling/Euros for any original GT40 parts. They must be either period or new/old stock, not reproduction and you must be able to show heritage. Please email any parts details and photographs (where possible) to- [email protected]