1. D

    Superformance geometry , mounting

    What suspension does Superformanc use mk1 or mk2 and is it exactly the same geometry as the original gt40 .Does anybody have the measurements for the mounting locations for the front and rear suspension.
  2. 5

    Le Mans Classic 2018

    Anybody have a line on which and how many original GT40s (or cars pretending to be original) will be racing this year? Will there be a paddock for GT40 street cars? Hope to see some of you there! :thumbsup:
  3. Z

    Spare tire?

    Hello Any current replica manufacturer offer a nose that'll accept a full size spare as the original? Thanks
  4. C

    Wanted: Original and Superformance parts book/technical paperwork

    Wanted: Does anyone have an original GT40 parts book available like in the photo? And also, does anyone have a parts book for the Superformance GT40s, service bulletins, and other technical documentation? Many thanks, Elliot 941-468-0433
  5. R

    Formula Junior..Volopini replica

    I have a rule, one project at a time! but there is a clause subsection 1 that I can plan and acquire parts for the next build...SO. The plan is to build a visual replica of an early 60`s Volopini formula Junior....cause I can. They are a really nice looking little car that should be a lot of...
  6. N

    Original GT40 B pillar

    I believe the B pillar on original GT40's was smooth and did not have the swage line of replicas. Was it smooth on the rear clip and the door as well (3 arrows in the picture).

    GT40 Gear Knobs

    I am going to make up a batch of these. These can be supplied in red or black cloisonné enamel. I am thinking that I should charge a cost of about £60 each. The thread form will be original 'UNF" or blank bored. Let me know if your interested, no promises but if I get enough numbers I...
  8. A

    GTD brake upgrades

    Hi, I own the very first GTD. I see various discussions about brake upgrades within 15" rims but can anyone tell me what GTD used over time on the original hubs/uprights supplied? What are the original (tiny) brakes on my car? Escort? Many people go to Willwood but I am sure even the regular...
  9. B

    Original Vickers 3 tap Fuel cock

    Would like to buy a original Vickers fuel cock for my GTD Regards Benjamin VR Belgium 0032475777968
  10. gt40rick

    Original pattern monocoque chassis and accurate body for 43K usd

    I don't know why the Bot didn't find this gem... 7 hours left... Ebay Original pattern monocoque chassis and accurate body for 43K usd. If I had seen this a couple of years ago I would have bought it! FORD GT40 MONOCOQUE CHASSIS | eBay Attached Thumbnails Hi to all.-s-l1600-jpg
  11. R

    Original Le-Mans red marker light (Ex British MOD)

    Original Le-Mans style red marker light (Ex British MOD), includes original packaging. £100 ovno plus postage Can ship international (buyer to pay postage) PayPal payment accepted (invoice will be sent via email) Thanks Rich
  12. bune

    balancing the flywheel?

    I made my own flywheel exact like the original ones from the 60's but I belive I have to balance the flywheel . Can this be done as a stand alone? or do I have to use a crankshaft and the harmonic damper to get the right balance. I think the old original flywheel drawings was correct, but I...
  13. B

    The Making of "The Italian Job"

    This is a wonderful behind the scenes look at a great movie (the original) The Making Of The Italian Job 1969 (This is the self preservation Society) - YouTube (part 1) The Making Of The Italian Job 1969 ( It's All About The Mini Coopers) - YouTube (part 2)
  14. J

    Original flywheel and waterpump?

    I once got drawings of original 289" flywheel (2/3 -plate clutch) from some kind person here. However, seems I lost drawings some time ago due broken PC. Search function didn`t give any real results. Ideas where to get; time to make one very soon :embarassed: Waterpump; which type pump...
  15. Ron Scarboro

    Superformance FIA - Cobra For Sale ***SOLD***

    All, I know this is a GT40 forum, but... Superformance FIA Cobra with approximately 500 miles. Assembly was done by Dennis Olthoff. Body - - Viking Blue w/White FIA nose Strip and 3 White Roundels - Fiberglass body over original type Trojero frame - FIA Trunk with dimples - Bungee cord...
  16. Cobra


    Hi Folks, Just a brief re-introduction since I haven't been visiting the site much in the past year, and I've now joined the ranks of GT40 ownership. The car I've acquired is an already assembled RCR Mk 1 with a Ford Racing 392 crate motor and a ZF transaxle. I'm actually the third...
  17. R

    Originals brake specification and development

    I am trying to find out some details about the original brake system specifications and the like. Tyring to spec my replica in the spirit of the original to some extent.During the course of the search I have been unable to determine what the disc sizes are, so I guess the next interesting...
  18. A

    Guf Gt40 Paint

    Hello, I am new to the site but i will just get right to the question. I was wondering if anyone knows the paint codes to chassis:1075,1074,1051 and also what paint shops do the most realistic gulf paint, i have noticed with some gulf cars that the front orange smile has different sizes and...
  19. C

    Wanted: Original style Gulf front and rear wheel spinners

    Hi guys,.....does anyone have, or know of a source for the original style Gulf front and rear wheel spinners,....as pictured. Any source would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!
  20. C

    Original Gulf GT40 wheel spinners

    Hi guys,.....does anyone have, or know of a source for the original style Gulf front and rear wheel spinners,....as pictured. Any source would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!