1. R

    Superformance Dashboard Paint

    Does anyone know what paint Superformance uses to paint their Dashboards? It has to be painted because there are a few different materials. Dash fiberglass, switch panels ABS, etc. I'm trying to add some much-needed lighted lettering and will need to do some touchup of the paint. I might also...
  2. L

    Louis' RCR MKII Build

    The adventure has already begun but here are a few pictures of the start. The "Forty", as it's known in the garage, is nesseled between a restored 1961 Renault Beach Car, my rebuilt 1983 Lotus Esprit and you can just see the nose of a Gen V Dodge Viper, affectionately known as the Torque...
  3. N

    Sill stripe paint mask required

    Hi I believe I need a paint mask for the sill stripes as below. Does anyone know where I can get one to produce the stripes and FORD lettering as per the picture below. Thanks Nick
  4. V

    Paint Identification P1065

    Hi Guys What is the paint color for P1065? I like the semi worn look of this old style blue. The article says Azure Blue but is nothing like the modern azure blue. I cant post URLS or IMAGES yet. So please Type "P1065 Hemmings" in google to see the car. - VIN
  5. P

    Sanding and polishing the GT's paint

    Took some time off of work to sand the paint and polish it! It took 4 long days from start to finish. Sanding it with 1000 grit, 1500 then 2000. Then I used the 3M 1,2,3 polishing process. Disclaimer " I have done this many times before" I am happy with the results. For those of you who have...
  6. gsharapa

    Garage Update

    Bought a single story house back in April (5 car garage) and finally got the garage updated with new cabinets, lights and paint.
  7. S

    Alsa Soft Touch Paint - Sample

    Does anyone know where you can get a sample, or a paint chip of the Alsa soft touch paint? Just need enough to know if its the way to go for my dash. Dave
  8. Silver66fb

    Dash Touch Up Paint - SPF

    Has anyone had to touch up knicks/dings in the dash. If so, what paint did you use? Thanks.
  9. L

    FS USA G50/52 Turbo 5 speed with LSD

  10. C

    Electrical Paint

    Hello Tech Heads, I have just read where there is a paint available that can be used for electrical wiring. I wonder if there is a use for this product in car builds? What is your opinion?
  11. A

    Guf Gt40 Paint

    Hello, I am new to the site but i will just get right to the question. I was wondering if anyone knows the paint codes to chassis:1075,1074,1051 and also what paint shops do the most realistic gulf paint, i have noticed with some gulf cars that the front orange smile has different sizes and...