Louis' RCR MKII Build

The adventure has already begun but here are a few pictures of the start.

The "Forty", as it's known in the garage, is nesseled between a restored 1961 Renault Beach Car, my rebuilt 1983 Lotus Esprit and you can just see the nose of a Gen V Dodge Viper, affectionately known as the Torque Monster.

We quickly noticed the paint on the chassis did not stick. This RCR was to be a turn-key by the previous RCR client. So that meant a complete removal of the paint. I've been putting this off for a month and found other things to work on like the dash but I had to do it. It ended up not being a bad job. Aviation Paint Remover and a high pressure washer took care of it. Now I need to get the aluminum to a good consistent finish then parts will start going on!

I'll undercoat the car and also the wheel wells for protection and sound deadening.

I live in Starkville, MS about two hours from Birmingham, AL. Close enough for me to drive over once a month to the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Museum where I'm a volunteer docent. At the museum they have several RCR bodies. I'm standing next to a MKI.

The build is going to be a lot of fun. I've rebuilt a lot of cars but never built one so the MKII project will be a new challenge.

This group is amazing. I've read many of your build posts with tips and great advice. Expect many questions from me.

Hope I attached the pictures correctly??

All the best,


Re: Louis' RCR MKII Build Chassis Primer?

Is a self-etching primer required when apply an undercoating like Line-X, Rhino Lining, etc. on the chassis? I want to coat the bottom and wheel wells with an undercoating for sound absorption and protection.

I assume that you would, but just checking. Tried calling and emailing Rhino Lining but never got a response.

Thank you!
Hi Louis, looking forward to following your build. Nice group shot and nice shop...wish I had that much room...:)

Museum looks like something I need to visit at some point...;)
It's been awhile and my build is slow but it's coming along. A lot of time was spent removing the old paint and primer then sanding, sanding and more sanding to remove old sanding marks. I wanted a nice even finish for the car. Not polished but more brushed. Pretty sure it was the glue from the clear protective covering that loosened the paint from the primer.

I primed the under body and wheel wells for the undercoating. I test fit components to make sure all is going to fit before permanent attached.

The newer cars have a different AC system and plumbing that uses AC rubber hoses not the pre-bent metal tubes that connect to the condenser as shown in the manual. Has anyone had any issues with the hoses? The Vintage Air package came with 90s that will be crimped on the rubber hoses. I was just wondering what others have done.


Is there a site of historical photos of the G40 MKII? My car came with cutouts on the front clip for better access to brake reservoirs. This was to have quicker maintenance during pit stops. I would like to see how the reservoirs are mounted. You can see the cutouts in the picture just in front of the windscreen

Bob Woods in his build, "Tornado G40 in Texas" page 3 shows a picture of an original GT40 with the reservoirs mounted inside the cockpit and the caps coming out the top of the bulkhead.

It would be nice to see how they are mounted inside.

Appreciate the help!