1. N

    Steering Question

    I connected my steering linkages tonight and for some reason I can turn way right and barely left. I have the tie rod ends as far as they can go in on the right side and out on the left side, but it doesn’t help. It seems as if it’s somehow too far right. I used the rack that I...
  2. V

    Steering intermediate shaft phasing

    In putting my steering rack together I decided to check on the ideal placement of the u-joints on the intermediate steering shaft. On end goes to the rack the other to the steering column. What I found are two contradictory schools of thought. The one says: STEERING U-JOINT INSTALLATION...
  3. M

    T70 IIIb Steering Rack mounting

    Hi guys. When I logged on before it said I hadn't logged on since 2008. Can't recall if that correct or not so have to assume it is. Good to see more T70 stuff going on now than in the past. I've given up on that work for a living rubbish. It was interfering too much with T70 building, so...
  4. V

    Early CAV MONO Steering Rack Bushing

    After 16 years, it looks like the outer bushing on my steering rack has gone to pieces. Has anyone replaced the seal/bushing and/or know where I can locate a replacement? Unfortunately, I don't know the source of the rack and perhaps another forum member might recognize it. The location of the...
  5. J

    flat tow

    can a SPF GT40 Mk 2 be flat towed safely? kinda worried about rack and pinion doing the job.
  6. Silver66fb

    Steering Rack Not Centered at Installation

    During our initial wrench-turning on P/2334, we noticed a significant amount of toe in. It will be a while before alignment, but we wanted to make some small adjustments to toe, just to make the chassis easier to roll around the shop during drivetrain installation. As we started to turn the...