1. M

    Door bulb seal

    Can you give me any help or recommendations for a narrow bulb seal for the door edge? I have a "U" channeled seal now but the bulb is too large not allowing the door to seat completely.....
  2. M

    Rear cable routing

    So similar to the seat question, looking for thought on cable routing in the same area. For the wires going from dash to rear, I have two one inch bundles to get through to the rear. I did cut the front of the seat on the inside, so they fit by there along the spine. Then it seems best to run...
  3. M

    RCR Seats Mounting Seat Belts

    Hello, I have read a few written descriptions, have not yet found any good images, so thought I would ask. For an RCR GT, in particular on the passenger seat, how have you run the seat belts. The issue that I am seeing is that the holes that a seat belt bolt goes into are like 15.5 inches...
  4. B

    Tillet seat question

    What model Tillet seats come with the Superlite kit?
  5. M

    Driver seat location

    Hello I am contemplating the location for the drivers seat. The seats are 17 inches wide. The distance in the well on the drivers side is 19.5 inches and the passenger is 17.5 inches. Passenger is easy, just center it. On the drivers side should the seat be something like a half inch inside...
  6. C

    Seat and seat belt retention methods

    Getting close to mounting my seat! Wondering what folks have done to mount seats and harnesses while still maintaining as much ground clearance as possible. What type of fasteners/plates/brackets etc are appropriate? Photos would be especially helpful if anyone has any handy. Appreciate the...
  7. F

    sparco spx

    Does anyone know if this seat would fit in a GT-R? I have found info about seats in the superlite but not much on the GT-R. I realize the interior is much larger on the GT-R. The seat is the Sparco SPX. Looks like a nice seat for a GT-R. Sparco SPX Racing Seat*|*Free Shipping!
  8. RichardH

    Eyelet specification

    Can anyone help with the Specn. for the seat eyelets? Are they (or were they) Brass or tinned? what size are they, 12mm, 1/2"? Are they a "standard" size, easily available or where can I obtain them from?