Tillet seat question

None. The superlite kit comes with seats manufactured by/for RCR. The most popular Tillett seat used on the SLC is the B5, but this must be purchased by the builder.
Ok thanks for clearing that up.Are the Tillett seats that much better or just a nice upgrade depending on ones use of the car?
I did it purely for the aesthetics. I wanted carbon seats and I wasn’t fond of the shape offered by RCR. They do have a carbon option now. The B5s feel comfortable enough for street use and I think they would be perfectly fine for track use as well. I’m a pretty small guy at 5’4” and the side bolster isn’t so obtrusive to make steering an issue. I plan to sit fairly close to the wheel so not hanging up my elbows and armpits is key.

In either case, unless you plan to get real fancy, you’re going to run a race harness no matter your primary use.
Thanks Cam..I’m going to check out a forum members car tomorrow so that will give me more of an idea of what I’m looking at.