1. B

    Tillet seat question

    What model Tillet seats come with the Superlite kit?
  2. Hendrickx Paul

    GT 40 Mk3

    Hello all, question: on the mk3 the gearlever is in between the seats,and handbrake. If the mk3 is based ont he mk1 chassis, where is then the "big" central tunnel, and where are located the cooling pipes on this car? How are the seats fixed? Are the...
  3. Dreamcars

    RCR Carbon Fiber Seats For Sale

    I am offering a set of RCR Carbon Fiber Seats which came with my SLC. I have no need for them and need the space. Asking $600.00 Plus shipping, Brackets included. Location, Yardley, PA 19067
  4. Dreamcars

    Carbon Fiber Seats For Sale

    Hello Fellows, I decided to part with my RCR Carbon Fiber Seats which I received with my kit. New and unused, brackets included. Asking $600.00 for the set plus shipping. Please PM me if you are interested. Cheers
  5. wolodymyr

    Seat Grommets repair kit

    I had a couple of grommets pop out of the seats a while ago. Yesterday, I came across this 'Tarpaulin repair kit' at a gardening show, which is a fair match for what is on the seats. Worth a try. Dave
  6. RichardM

    GT40 Seats

    Hi I said I would upload a picture of the Tillett Seats ...I couldn't work out how I could attach to the previous thread so have uploaded on a new thread with Pic attached. Thanks Richard
  7. S

    Original Style Seats

    Hi all, I am really struggling here. Building a Southern GT, but would like to put in the 'more original' type hammock seats. Been looking at these for inspiration: Looking at for inspiration...
  8. R

    seats needed

    Looking for a pair of seats for my GT40. I am located near Phill, Pa. USA Ron [email protected]