Original Style Seats

Hi all,

I am really struggling here. Building a Southern GT, but would like to put in the 'more original' type hammock seats. Been looking at these for inspiration:

Looking at for inspiration:






Integral seats

I have spoken to alot of people and it seems none will fit. I think my only option is to scratch fabricate some, which I am happy to do, but the only problem is I cannot work out how they are constructed in the original.

I know there is a large bent sheet metal rear, some webbing in the bottom, and some stretched over Nomex type material....I just can't piece it all together.

Does anyone know of any drawings/instructions out there, or have any other ideas?

Thanks in advance!
The original style seat is essentially a long cushion with a fibre-glass back. Providing that you can fabricate the base structure (which is part of the chassis on an original) to mount the Pirelli webbing, you can make them fit.

I went through all the photos of 1063 and could only come up with these. If you want more detailed pics I can get them next visit I make. Barry has gone though and done some restoration work on the car both mechanical and finish(read paint).




Hope these help you out.
I have ridden in this car and I can tell you the seats are not that confortable. Little lateral support. Even with the harness on, I felt like I had to have my hand on something as we went around curves.

Thanks so much for the replies - only one thing is Bill, I cant seem to open the pictures, wondering if this is a posting issue or my browser?

UPDATE - Its a browser issue