1. Z

    Spare tire?

    Hello Any current replica manufacturer offer a nose that'll accept a full size spare as the original? Thanks
  2. Howard Jones

    Tire sizes

    Here is a good tire size website. All sizes by diameter, rim size etc. The compare different tire by size. etc. Cool site. - Compare Tire Sizes, Specs, Prices & more
  3. 7

    Rear tire size question and 2"/4" flares......

    I was looking at RCR's web site and saw that you can order your body with no flares, 2" flares, or 4" flares. It seems that, if going with 15" wheels, the front tire size is pretty fixed at a 225 wide tire. I was just wondering what the different tire sizes that'll fit with the stock body...
  4. G

    What size aero cap fits in the fancy casting?

    Hi all. Fuel filler caps and necks come in at least 3 sizes that I have found but I won’t be getting the cool looking casting till after the IVA (which is about to be applied for!). So the ask is, could somebody with a set of those casting measure the inside diameter for me please? Ant
  5. C

    Minimum fuel line size for 347 with EFI

    Just a quick question here - interested in folk's opinion on minimum fuel line size for a mild-ish 347 running 8 stack/multi-port EFI. My current system is plumbed with AN-6 and it just looks a little small to me. Fuel pressure is in the 60psi range with twin pumps and a fuel pressure...
  6. 7

    Question of wheel size and brakes that'll fit........

    I'm in the planning stages of building a GT40. One of the things that has come up is the wheel diameter. I'm thinking of building a car from Active Power Cars and they use Corvette C5/C6 suspension pieces and brakes. I've seen that the factory size rotors are 12.6" on the front and 11.8" on...
  7. M

    Size of holes at plenum / dash interface

    Howdy. Northern climate (Minnesota) so definitely wast to have windshield defrosting available through the demister vent. The question is with the holes that go through the dash from the blower being much closer to the demister vent (through the interface between the dash and plenum) what...
  8. S

    Super wide tyres

    Anyone have any pics of a wide body GT40 rear, running Avons (and know the tyre size)? Trying to decide between 15.0/26.0-15" and 14.0/27.0-15"... Thanks in advance.
  9. B

    Chassis build table size

    I've taken the plunge and ordered the forte chassis kit what size table is best for construction want to get ready for the big day Cheers
  10. Jim Craik

    SPF battery?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to replace my battery, apparently Peb Boys does not carry this size... any thoughts?