1. F

    steering wheels and misc

    Have a brand new Gelscoe wheel with a made hub adapter for CAV, have a new carbon fiber MOMO Prototipo wheel with adaptor for CAV, have a used CAV stock wheel, I also have a brand new MOMO dished blue anodized wheel. Have a Lucas mirror. Looking for offers. Like to get 300 for the Gelscoe, and...
  2. B

    Hello to members!

    This is a really long shot - but I'm trying to track down a GT 40 with the registration of K40 GT. It was Blue and first registered in 1971. It's not showing on the DVLA pages. However it was a little different in that it had the Gurney Bump (or similar!) It belonged to my partners Father for...
  3. Kim Haun

    I Squared 1+1 Power System

    I have a new/old stock ISquared 1+1 Power System that I have decided not to install in my build. It comes with a complete wiring package. Perhaps someone out there is running this system and needs a back up or to replace a defective unit? They are no longer manufactured. This system sold new...
  4. T

    Barett Jackson just sold a 2011 SL-C - anyone here?

    Apparently there were 2 for sale there - a 2011 purple with black stripe sold there for $ 115k. :thumbsup: Just curious to see what all options it had. Is anyone familiar with it?
  5. M

    Barrett Jackson

    I was at Barrett Jackson. Ran across a burgundy with black stripe SLC that sold for $115,000. Not too bad at all.
  6. J

    Porsche 996 GT3 powered SLC recently sold

    Is this an indication of the market or a "distress" sale? A California-certified and approved Porsche 996 GT3 powered SLC with approx. 100 miles just sold on BAT ("Bring-A-Trailer") for $68k! GT3-Powered 2012 Superlite Coupe | Bring a Trailer
  7. R


    There was a chassis on ebay for a gt40 about 3wks ago --does anyone know if it was sold thanks rods0
  8. F

    Paper Trail

    Hi..I purchased a vehicle from a Private Party. Supposedly this vehicle has pedigree from the builder. The private owner did include his race history, and what he could supply I have requested information. I can't seem to get anywhere with the Distributor. I can't even find out if this vehicle...
  9. Joules5

    GT40 replica sold eBay

    I'm not sure who's kit this is, but it appears well constructed and sold for what must be a fraction of the cost to build; GT40 sold eBay