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This is a really long shot - but I'm trying to track down a GT 40 with the registration of K40 GT. It was Blue and first registered in 1971. It's not showing on the DVLA pages. However it was a little different in that it had the Gurney Bump (or similar!)

It belonged to my partners Father for a good number of years but due to financial problems in business he had to sell it a few years ago (I think about 10). He's coming up to his 70th birthday and his health isn't great - and we're trying to track down this to see if he could be re-united with them for a visit to see it again in slightly happier circumstances than when he sold them.

I'm trying the owners clubs and such places first to see if by chance anyone know's of it's whereabouts or is indeed the owner.

We think when it was sold it was sold overseas but that's only from what he was told when it was sold at the time. It could have course changed hands again since this.

If anyone does have any information or knowledge it would be great to hear from them.

If you would rather private message please do.

Many Thanks in advance!


Randy V

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Welcome to GT40s.com Ben...
This is a Multi-National forum. If you can come up with a country / city location where the car was last seen, that may help.
Good luck in your quest!

Ian Anderson

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Welcome Ben

Your dates seem a bit out!
1971 would put the car in the original car territory but a registration starting K puts it as 1991 era which was a big production time for Tornado, DAX, GTD, Hitech and KVA.

Also recheck your search it could ne K 4 OGT letter. O not zero

It's certainly a K reg but I had assumed from the first time around. See the pic below. However a search of K4o GT brings up a Blue GT 40 as well reg in 1991 as you say Ian. Now mega confused!


We think that the car was last seen or was sold into the Netherlands, but as I said that was about 10-15 years ago now.


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