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    Suggestions for a thread that Jeff will be unable to shut down.

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    Borla induction help

    Does anyone know if the fuel injectors on a Borla 8 stack induction on a Ford 351 Winsor the same as for a crate Ford Boss 302. I know the intake would have to change but not sure if anything else would have to change. Any input or suggestions???? Thank you
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    Build table

    I've aquired my 5x5x1/4 I-beams to start my table I'm asking for suggestions on how tall and wide to make working surface 36”?48"? I have heavy adjustable screw legs from scaffolding with lockable wheels. It will be 10ft long also which should be long enough. Any suggestions welcome. Rod
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    LS3 and G50/01 into DRB

    G’day All. I’m now seriously thinking of going with an LS3 into #97. I know it’s sacrilege, so keep the responses kind please.:thumbsup: Just after advice from the few that may have already done so in a DRB and any suggestions they can offer. I will no doubt have many questions in future with...
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    Connector Suggestions

    I am starting the wiring process for the GT-R and would like to use plugs to be able to disconnect things such as the headlights, turn signals and interior lights. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of plug to use and the place to get them?
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    Who Runs 48 IDA webers on a Rousch 402 motor? Any suggestions on initial jetting and chokes/Venturis?