Suggestions for a thread that Jeff will be unable to shut down.

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Al, perhaps we should just let the whole politics, guns etc. have a rest.

Emotions run high these days and Randy and the other moderators probably don't need the headache of trying to moderate it.

A suggestion might be to recommend a Twitter or Disqus etc. thread that those that want to have such discussions can participate.

Just a thought...

Jeff Young

GT40s Supporter
Snowflakes! Simply pointing out that your gross generalizations about the 50% of the country that does not agree with you were just that, gross generalizations, didn't shut down any threads. It was your responses to being called on that crap.

Remember that. And Veek is right (for once). Just let it go. We aren't going to agree and we are doing the Russkies bidding by being dicks to each other on this forum over this stuff.

Just stop.
I also have to agree with the Randy, other moderators, Veek and Jeff. Shutting down the thread was the right thing to do. We were hopelessly deadlocked into our positions.

I do want to say thank you to everyone.

Howard Jones

Ya, lets all let it go...………….shake hands virtually...………...and have a beer with each other...………..I'm going to get mine now...…………..GT40 friends and buddies...……..forever!!!!!!
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