1. Ron Scarboro

    Hallibrand style wheels & Headlights

    Standard wheels for a Superformance. Tires included 15X8 3.625” backspace 215-65 tire 15X10 3.625” backspace 295-50 tire 6 pin $1,300 + shipping In Raleigh NC if you want to pick up Spinners can be included for $200 more Headlights are $50 for the pair. Came with the car, bulbs included but...
  2. R

    FS USA Avon CR6 ZZ tires for sale

    This is a full set of Avon CR6 ZZ used tires from my Superformance GT40. Fronts are 215/60R15 (date code 2608) and rears are 295/50R15 (date code 0308). There is 6/32" tread depth remaining on all four. They have no signs of cracking or checking. They would make a good set for a rolling...
  3. W

    Goodyear Blue Streak G7 tires

    Anyone got any 15inch Blue Steaks available / price ?
  4. mesamaui

    FS USA New BRM Pin Drive Wheels with Hoosier A6 245/335 Tires

    Set of new Vintage Wheels BR Series Wheels with Hoosier A6 245-17 and 335-17 Tires Never been mounted 5x4.75 PCD 17x8 110mm BS 17x10.5 110mm BS Powder coated black satin $2500 Pick up in Costa Mesa CA92627 Maui 949 259 3109
  5. F

    dyno power loss

    I know in my cobra from engine to rear tires there is about 15% power loss on dyno. Is it less in s gt40 because the trans is connected directly to tires? What is the average power loss from engine to tires? I have a CAV and going with one of the big boy $15k transaxles.
  6. F

    Power & Tires

    Can these cars handle 600=hp? Trans, half axles, frame? I have a 2005 CAV. Looking at 13" wide rear tires. What can break if not equipped correctly?
  7. F


    Do guys run 411 gears? I will have a 600hp+ car with Avon tires
  8. F

    Cav gt40

    Just bought my 1st 40. Looking for tires. I have 15" rims, and I am looking to go wide rear to handle the 600hp. Will the 295 Avon tires grab? Mounted on a 12" wide rim? Any help is appreciated.
  9. T

    WTB tires

    looking for 295/35 R18 without paying an arm and a leg. any ideas thanks.
  10. C

    FS USA GT-40 17" Wide BRM-Style Pin-Drive Wheels/Tires

    I wasn't sure which way to go with wheel diameter with my RCR build, so I bought both sizes. I ordered these through Vintage Wheels and had the rear 17" wheels widened from 10" to 12.5"sets. That modification alone was over $1850 for the rear wheels, the Weldcraft's widening process, and...
  11. R

    15' pin drives with avon tires -- 400 miles of use - 2500$

    Wheels are flawless, tires like new, with spinners, silver face with polished lip, 15x10 rear, 8 front, 215/60 front, 295/50 rear, 352 871 8861, no trades, firm price, ocala fl 34470, i will assist (not pay) for shipping.. Text for pics, i couldnt upload
  12. M

    Race Tail Body Mounting

    Been staring at this for a while and can't quite figure it all out. I have an SL-C with a race tail and was looking to see if someone has some pictures of the mounting of the diffuser and the hinging of the tail. My diffuser brackets are back ordered and I don't have any hinges or brackets for...
  13. I

    Who Runs 20" Rears?

    First off, I should have done more research on the 19/20 combo....had I, I'd realized 19/19 would be a better route. But since I already went that route, I'm kinda stuck for now. RCR recommends 325/30/20 or 335/25/20, but as I've discovered there's not too many options, far less if you don't...
  14. E

    performance tires for street/track

    I will be building an XJ13 with 15 inch wheels. The car will be basically similar to a GT40 with a different body and a mild race type V12 engine of about 475 HP and 450 lb-ft torque. The car is primarily for the street but may see some track time. I have searched most of the archives concerning...