1. P

    Top Gear

    GT 40 featured on Top Gear but without Clarkson slagging it off for being too small (as he did years ago!). OK probably a Superformance being presented as 66 winning car but still a good advert! Also has piece on Extra Gear with Jackie Oliver driving.
  2. R

    Please Help! ZF/ZFQ Shift Specs

    I need the following. Shift Specs for a ZF or ZFQ transaxle. I.E. pattern, rotation deg and travel of the shifter shaft. I know I have this info but after spending more than a day looking I'm just going to ask the people that know this stuff of the top of there heads. I've even seen the...
  3. J

    Wing Angle

    Didn't find any info on the kit wing on the wiki or the build manual - anyone know what the top, middle and lower points put the wing angle at? Thanks! Best, John
  4. I

    Unloading With Lift Gate Service

    First off I have to apologize for my ignorance. This is my first crate engine I've purchased and I'm not sure exactly what to expect when it gets delivered. Today I ordered the 525HP LS3 from Pace Performance and I got the lift gate service. I bought a fridge dolly (picture below) and I...
  5. Hendrickx Paul

    Russian gt40......

    found this on the net Aiar : la Ford GT40 sovietique ! - the french lesson is of course free of charge, but note that the top speed was 150 km/h... no comment
  6. Godspeed

    Cooling system concern

    When I purchased my car secondhand it came with a set of well made stainless steel tubes from the engine to the radiator. Now that I'm at the point of finalizing the cooling system I realized the tubes are backwards. The radiator outlet is at the top of the rad. The issue being any steam/ gases...