GT 40 featured on Top Gear but without Clarkson slagging it off for being too small (as he did years ago!).
OK probably a Superformance being presented as 66 winning car but still a good advert! Also has piece on Extra Gear with Jackie Oliver driving.


I think it was left hand drive and had a central gear shift. Very brief first in car driving shot was only evidence! Not original but Superformance but looked good on track.
Yep, it was a Superformance, that particular car is or used to be the Hillbank demonstrator - lots of YouTube videos of that particular car. They called it a Mk1 didn't they?

The extra gear car, which was different, was an original Mk1 rebodied to look a Mk2 (p1046) from what they said.

Charlie Farley

The ' Extra Gear ' 40 is P1008, I helped fit that MK2 bodywork moons ago.
It's in a shocking state, originality wise. Ford won't spend the money.
Dashboard warning lights are of the type bought on eBay for £ 2.99.
I won't go on, just a damn shame.


currently top gear as not as fascile. Both good non thinking entertainment but neither are car review shows
The item with Jackie Oliver & GT40P/1008 was filmed on the test track at Fords Dunton Technical Centre in Essex.

How nice it would be to see it reunited with its original MK1 rear end & Linden Green colour !


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