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    November RCR Visit

    Ryan and I stopped by for a visit on Saturday. Lots of activity. A group of Arrow's are under construction. Impressive enginering and features - like ease of suspension adjustment. Camber can be changed by simply loosening a couple of bolts and inserting thin plates for precise adjustment...
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    A visit with legends

    My wife had a conference to attend in Chicago so we decided to pack up the kids and make a little detour to Dearborn. If you have never experienced the Henry Ford Museum it is well worth a visit. The artifacts run the gamut from steam engines to the chair president Lincoln was seated in when he...
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    RCR Visit

    I was in town this week with a large group of automotive trainers so I arranged a tour and took a couple friends to visit. I'd been there before but didn't get a chance to meet Fran because he was on holiday. However he was in the house this week and gave us a grand tour. All I can say is Fran...
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    Mirage Automotive - 2nd August

    I've had a considerable amount of interest in our visit to Mirage Automotive in Poole at 10:30 on Sunday 2nd August 2009. You'll recall Ray & Steve are recreating those magnificent monocoques and welcome all interested parties. As we're planning to have a meal later, I've got a venue in mind...