November RCR Visit

Ryan and I stopped by for a visit on Saturday. Lots of activity.

A group of Arrow's are under construction. Impressive enginering and features - like ease of suspension adjustment. Camber can be changed by simply loosening a couple of bolts and inserting thin plates for precise adjustment without having to remove the control arms. The rear frame section is a separate piece - so in the event of a track mishap it can be replaced on the fly. The construction and anodizing of the suspension components is top notch. A lot of thought went into so many small details.

A blue / orange GT was packed, ready to ship.

Perhaps the most interesting was a complete carbon fiber GT body shell. Hope it gets clear coat / no paint!

The XJ-13 was another impressive sight. Great detailing throughout - including the finished interior.

Thanks, Fran, for taking time on a Saturday morning to visit with Ryan and me.