Mirage Automotive - 2nd August

I've had a considerable amount of interest in our visit to Mirage Automotive in Poole at 10:30 on Sunday 2nd August 2009. You'll recall Ray & Steve are recreating those magnificent monocoques and welcome all interested parties.
As we're planning to have a meal later, I've got a venue in mind which overlooks the marina, please can you notify me via [email protected] if you wish to join us for lunch? I'll need to let the hotel I have in mind know of approximate numbers if there's going to be any sandwiches left!

The Mirage visit is open to all, not just club members, so feel free to join in the fun.
Finally, to be fair to other GT40 manufacturers, if you'd like me to arrange a similar visit to your workshops later on in the year, then please e-mail me via the above address and we'll get heads and diaries together.. Andrew.. chairman of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club
It would be easier to say who isn't going! However, I've had only one response to the lunch question. I think there might be at least 20 people attending (could be double if the weather and apathy don't set in), therefore I need to know numbers to book the hotel.. or at least give them warning of possible numbers of diners. Might me my e-mail divert isn't working, so if you're coming and want lunch please add your name to this thread to give me an idea please?.. Andrew
I'll be at Mirage with Geoff Haynes in the passenger seat, then the wives will join us for lunch, making a total of 4 for that.
NOTE- It's extremely regretful, but the Mirage Automotive visit on 2nd August has had to be postponed as Ray contacted me today to advise that he's just getting over a serious operation and, hence, doesn't feel well enough to do the visit justice. I'm sure you'll all be as disappointed as me, but I'm sure we all wish Ray a speedy recovery.. a 200 mph recovery to be exact. Please can you notify people on my behalf and send them both my and Ray's sincerest apologies.. Andrew