1970 Fiber Fab Valkyrie (a V-8 mid-engined, Ford GT-40 inspired kit car), WV 25442, $3500


Nov 2018 I had the opportunity to buy a 1970 Fiber Fab Valkyrie kit car (inspired by the Ford GT-40) but life has taken a change and my loss is going to be your gain! The Valkyrie is a mid engine V-8 with a Fiber Fab made robust chassis equipped with a corvair suspension. It was never built and so this one is a virgin and ready for your creative build. Included is a LT1 v-8 installed, radiator fans and a pedal cluster with master cylinder and clutch slave. Also included, factory door hinges, headlight & running light covers (very hard to find), factory lexan side glass (extremely rare). Corvair suspension is installed but it needs a Corvair trans axle (the one pictured is NOT included). More pictures upon request.
While not anything close to a real GT-40, the Valkyrie does look somewhat like one. Being mid engined and quite light (less than 2000 Lbs), it has performance that can be impressive.
Fiber Fab is still in business and there's also a lot of support groups on the web. Not a very difficult build and a GT-40 kinda look alike at a decimal point fraction of a real one.
This one can be yours for a mere 3500 (what I have in it). Great father and son project, or a poor mans way to a GT (tribute)
See Fiber Fab here-
You can buy a roller from them for 25k ;-)


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