1975 can am


Need the experts opinions on this Vintage Can am race car.

Has quite a few of rare date correct parts.

Carbon Fiber 962 rear clip.

Carbon Spice front clip.
Magnesium Intake and wheels.

Rebuilt drive train Chevy 302 5spd

Dry sump, oil coolers.
Documented restoration.

Going to look at it tomorrow no paper work on history but priced really fair.
Just curious of your thoughts...



Here are some better pics.
See if you guys have any idea of what style the chassis might be.
Assuming was hand built to replicate a can am car.
No tags or vin has been located.

Was widened to fit a factory raced 962 carbon fiber body.
These pics are prior.


Randy V

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Wow... Nice car from what I can see. Unfortunately, I can't help beyond that!
Like it. Looks like a fun project, if bought at the right price hard to go wrong. Odd "shielding" around engine compartment, odd angle of the front radiator (normally they are nose high, tail low).

Do you make the deal and bring it home?


Yea it's a head scratcher for sure runs and drives couldn't pass it up.

The original builder did a nice job.
Drive train was rebuilt recently pretty nice.

Has a lot of Magnesium parts and other date correct parts.

Was found near Sebring.

Howard Jones

Could it be a 962 spider rear bodywork? For sure its a lot of different Body parts put on separately sourced chassis modified to run an SBC. I don't think it was a CanAm car. More like a homemade IMSA prototype. Have a good look at the uprights and see if you can figure out who made them. That might be a clue.



That makes sense...
For sure carbon fiber 962 the original car the body work was on raced in Japan.
Can see where the chassis was widened to fit the 962 clam shell and front clip.
Never have a been a Porsche guy but the look it's growing on me.

Drove it the other day needs some sway bars but other wise was a good time.

Maybe will save on my other cars can drive this-one a little more...