(2) Sets of racing harnesses for sale

I am cleaning out some extra bits and pieces that I don't plan to use. The first piece is a harness set. It is a black G Force 7101BK. This is a cam lock 6 point harness bought in July '10. They are pull up lap belts, all 3" wide SFI certified. They have never been outside of the original box. Normally list for$149. Am willing to let them go for $120 each plus shipping to your location. They weigh 7.5lb. each. Can go USPS. Might fit a flat shipping box. 13x10.5x4.5. If won't fit in their boxes, then the cheapest way possible unless you want it by another shipper or different length of time(shorter).



The second is a harness set, an RCI Platinum Series 9210PL 6 point 3" harness. This one was bought some time ago and used to mount the hardware to the car. It is SFI certified and expired in Feb. 2011. These belts can be sent back and recertified one time for $20 as they have never been used. There are some Dynamat foil backed rubber marks on the lap belts where they were mounted. Can not be seen once mounted. Never used as I still don't have the car on the road. These are the latch and link belts with pull up straps.These list for $65 each and I am asking $30 apiece plus shipping.




Same deal on shipping.
Next up is a Gulf rear hatch vent. Got it several years ago. It has protective film on one side. $20


This is a wiper setup that came with the car but I elected to not use it. It measures 21 1/2" between the post. My car is a DRB and I don't know if the plug is from them or not. Maybe one of the Aussies can chime in as to its make.


One set of fiberglass eyebrows for holding the door tops in place against negative pressure at speed. I have elected to use another form of hold down. $20

Paypal is the best way. As per the rules, I am located in Snellville, Ga. You can email or PM me. My cell is 678-687-4611. I don't answer my phone during the morning hours, unless I am between cases, while in the O R. Just leave a message and I will get back to you.