SOLD - Incomplete FFR GTM For Sale


FFR GTM for sale $21K firm. All parts shown less motor, motor harness and gas pedal and possibly the SpeedHut gauges. The video is 27 minutes long and I’m no Steven Spielberg but it does show most everything if you can suffer through it, LOL. Please review all the DropBox pictures as well. Folder GTM1 were taken during the build, GTM2 are current. If you have any specifics questions please ask. I am in Key Largo Fl, about as far south and east as possible.

FFR GTM Chassis 22, first day order, all glass supplied, Certificate Of Origin

Porsche G50 5-speed with limited slip and new clutch, CV Joints, Boots

Vintage Air AC components

DIY Cable Shifter

Headers & exhaust + FFR supplied Exhaust

Custom Dash

Aluminum Seats, harness bar and 5-point belts



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You can email me at f r e d . b r e w e r i i i @ o u t l o o k . com or text at 9 5 4 6 4 7 2 2 4 0

As a sidebar,,, I did always plan on finishing this but when I went into negotiation with the wife for a new C8, the C7 and the GTM had to go. I secretly hope it doesn't sell but have to make an honest effort. The weather here is superb right now so come on down!!