302 to Renault UN1 Adaptor Plate Drawing - Download

I've done a CAD drawing of the common Ford V8 to renault UN1 adaptor plate. You are all welcome to download it from this link and use it as you see fit if that helps.

I personally have used it for accurate dimensions for the engine bolt patterns so i have half a start on the Ford to Audi transaxle adaptor i need to make.

If you want to download it straight away then use the link below, please excuse the 10 pence charge, the system its stored on won't let me charge nothing unless i upgrade my account and that costs me a small fortune.

Or you can PM me with your email address and i'll email it over FOC.



Ron Earp

If you have it as a PDF, GIF, JPG, CAD File, etc. it can be uploaded here and people can have access to it. If you need help, email it to me and I'll upload it here and make a link.

Hi Ron,

Email sent.

I'm in the process of drawing up other similar parts as well. I have chevy and Ford V6 etc adaptor plate drawings to do, as well as the Audi for my own kit.

Kind regards,
what material is this to be made of? i have a place that can make me one, but not tap it (lo-cost, diy)from mild steel for around £80, but i was thinking about the weight. are there any other means of bolting the 2 together, like an adaptor/bellhousing from a company? i couldn't afford a new one, but at least i'd know what to type in the ebay search!! not really all that clue'd up on the transaxle/engine info yet, as i'm not at that stage!!! but it's getting closer!:drunk:
Hi Glen,

They are made in steel, ground on each side to ensure they are perfectly flat. £80 sounds expensive for what you describe i think. Fully finished ones are on Ebay for £160 i think. I have one that might be going begging in a couple of months.

I've never seen anything similar to what you describe on Ebay. Tornado do a bellhousing i believe but from memory its about £750, i'm sure i'll be corrected if that's wrong.