48 IDA WEBERS (Italian) x 4 for sale!

For sale is a set of 4 original Weber 48 IDA carbs suitable for Ford GT 40 etc. These are original early Italian carbs and have "made in Italy" and "Bologna" cast on to each of them unlike the reproduction (under licence) Weber carbs that were made in Spain in the 1980's and in the States (2003) which bare the legend: "made in" then blank. To the purist and FIA racer the carbs offered here for sale are the real deal. Each carb has been fully gone through with a fine tooth comb and restored to great condition. Wherever necessary, items have been replaced to bring the carbs up to race-ready condition .
The jetting specification is as follows:
Chokes 37-44mm (I can supply any size choke. 40mm is a great choice for this jetting combination on a V8) Aux Vent 4.5 Main 160 Tube F7 Air 155 Idle 70 Pump 50 EW Idle holders 120 Inlet needle 200. I may well be able to help with alternative jetting, particularly the chokes, which can be supplied from 37mm upwards. The price for a set of 4 is £2,000 which is not expensive for Italian carbs, especially in this condition. Matt 0781 4716578 (UK)




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Unbelievably, these mint condition carbs are still for sale... there must be somebody out there that wants the real deal carbs and not the re-made Spanish jobbies?
the price is still £2,000 and will not be cheaper, unfortunately. I have 2 sets of restored carbs both in the condition above. Fred has first option on one set pending deal, so at least one more set is still for sale. Early Italian IDA's are extremely difficult to find. You may well find them cheaper but they will be high mileage/abused. These carbs are superb and therefore are priced accordingly. Regards, Matt


I am now the proud owner of one of these remarkable sets of carbs (an early Xmas present from the wife). Can't wait to get them on and then the engine on the dyno for set up! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif
Thanks to Matt (and my banker) I am also a proud owner of this piece of art to contribute to my GT(D)40.
looking forward to hear a certain sound..
I placed the carbs finally but I need some pieces to be replaced.Do you still have spare parts for sale?
I ll let you know complete list if so.