494 can am block

This is a little off the web site format but I don't know anyone more knowledgeable to ask, is there any websites for Ford can am cars? I have a 494 aluminum boss block I want to find out what the value is, Thanks Wayne

I'll give you $100 for it. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

Try Lee Holman. He should have a

pretty good idea of what it's worth.


494 CANAM engine is based on BOSS 429 engine 385 series; not on FE 427 engine.

I'll buy for it $200.00 /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
Thanks for all those wonderful offers, I don't think it would be right to take that much money for something as worthless as it is so I will have to keep it. It is a 385 series motor, similar to the ones I drag race but smaller. Its one of the original 13 cast and machined by Holman and Moody for Canam racing. I would like to find someone restoring the car that this motor belongs in, Wayne

You can contact Lee Holman at (704)583-2888 or

[email protected]

He can probably tell you which car the engine came from.

Who knows, it may be an unknown or lost piece of history.

A "Honker" engine maybe?

I am not sure but was that the engine used in the Shelby CanAm car called King Cobra? I remember a picture of Mario Andretti looking at his blown up engine and the caption said something about experimental alu Ford engine.

Mario Andretti drove an M6B McLaren with a Holman Moody

494ci Ford hemi-headed, aluminum block engine in 1969. The

car was known as the "429er". The photo was taken during a

testing session. I would imagine that your block originated

from that program. It's gotta be worth something to whoever

owns an M6B today, especially the one in the photo, if it

still exists.



Bill, and everyone else thanks for the info. I was told tonight about a Alan Mann Canam car in Georgia that this motor belongs in. This car was on Ebay some time back (without an engine) and did not sell. Anyone know anything about this car? Also, I'm trying to contact Charlie or Kerry Agiapou, who was involved with Shelby at one time. Anyone knowing how to contact them I would appreciate it. Last, an Alan Moffit? in Australia, is/was collecting items such as this block and engine I have. Anyone down under know Mr Moffit? thanks Wayne
Allan is a Canadian who came out here to live. He drove some wonderful Fords while he was out here. We'll forgive his brief time with the RX7 Mazda rotaries /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif He can be contacted via his website http://www.allanmoffat.com.au/

I don't know that he's collecting much in the way of motorsport history, but I bet you'd find a buyer in David Bowden. http://www.fouronthefloor.com.au/contact.html Bowden owns the most significant collection of racing Fords in Australia. He owns GT40 #1034, as well as numerous championship winning cars from the 60s and 70s.

I haven't forgotten about those motors of yours. From what I can gather, it looks like a 600" and 572" motor might be heading this way near the end of the month...


That Boss 429 car was notoriously unreliable; it never finished even one race! The problem was almost always overheating.

Regards, Neil Tucson, AZ
Wayne, you drive a hard bargain. I'll top all these other cheapskates and give you $300 bucks for it. Let me know.

Seriously, that would be so cool if you could mate up the original block to the car. That's what every vintage race car restorer dreams of when they've got a non-original engine in their project. Magic of the interwebthangy.