A new SLC is hitting the streets & Tracks

Where to start? OK, the beginning. Since I was a little kid I have loved (and worked on ) cars. As an adult I have almost always had "a project" car to keep me busy. I got into drag racing for a while and then about 10 years ago (thankfully) I found track driving. Since then I have been moving up the food chain of track cars. They were all production cars (M3, 911, corvette) but I decided I wanted to build a track car, hence the SLC. It was kind of a no brainer. In april of 2015 I retired from my career in the oil industry and also that month received my SLC from RCR. It was missing a boatload of stuff and it took me almost a year to get everything from RCR but in June of 2016 my son and I began in earnest working on this beast. I had experience building/modifying cars but this was a real leap forward. Between us we put in around 1500 hours to get the car trackable and in April of this year we took the car to its first track weekend. This weekend 7 weeks later we are going to its 5th track event!

What to say? This car is a BEAST. I am running a cammed up LS3 putting out north of 500hp coupled with a Graziano transaxle. Car just flys. Everytime I drive it I cant stop grinning! For me it has been well worth the effort to build. Plus the public attention the car gets moving or standing still is almost un-nerving! We are still sorting out the suspension setup but clearly this car was made for the track. It (now) handles fairly neutrally with crisp turn in and good rotation. Still has a tendency to oversteer on power out of corner with the rear end trying to come out. We upped the springs to 700 front and 850 rear but it may need more as there are no anti-roll bars yet.

It hasn't been all wine and roses. It is been a real adjustment learning to drive this car versus my Z06 which I can drive in anger reasonably quickly and comortably. This car is not forgiving. The lack of ABS and any type of stability control is challenging. I have already spun twice (thankfully at slow speeds). I am almost 6'3" so driving position for me is pretty laid back (haha) and the field of vision is less than I am used to. I have already had to replace the front and rear wheel bearings on the right side!! I heard that the c4 hubs were weak but 400 miles? wow.

One of the salient points I want to make in this post is to say WE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO BUILD THIS CAR WITHOUT THE WONDERFUL CONTRIBUTIONS OF THE FOLKS ON THIS FORUM!!!!. I would like to thank everyone who came before me for taking the time and energy to document their build experiences and for the collective creative talents on display. We did not do a build log because there really are not many features on this car that are super unique worthy of public revelation that haven't already been published, but I will maybe list the few things we did a little different later when I have more time. Also, I am having a bit of trouble posting photos but as soon as I figure it out I will post some photos.