1. J

    Bailey GT40 now on the road in Sweden!

    Finally completed! More details in the build log, summary spec: Chassie, body, suspension, electrical system, wheels, tanks; Bailey Cars, South Africa Engine; Roush 353 Gearbox; ZFQ with Porsche GT3 Cup linkage Tyres; Nitto AC and Seats; Southern GT UK Exhaust; Bilteknik Sweden...
  2. S

    Back in the fold

    After many years without a GT40, I am now the new proud owner of Rob Broomfield's GTD. It’s got a lowered floor which gives plenty of room inside. The gearchange needs some fettling and the pedals are in completely the wrong position for me, but it’s quite a car! The tuned 351C sounds like a...
  3. C

    FS: 2014 RCR Superlite Coupe Pearl White $82k ***SOLD***

    Hi All, Selling a RCR Superlite I purchased a couple years ago as a streetable track car. Car runs and is ready to go. Absolute blast to drive and handles like it is on rails. Trying to downsize my collection and simply don't drive them enough. This car has been very reliable and gets tons...
  4. soulcoaxer

    Gulf Car Under Gulf Sky . . .

    Photography, Green Screening and Animation by Soulcoaxer
  5. P

    Ford GT Evo - for you GTR Builders

    Very cool car
  6. D

    Project GTX

    Does anyone know what is going on with project GTX , did they finish the build.The car looked very good to me , well thought out and built.
  7. G

    Props to John B. and his gears. - review

    SLC 2017 LT4 Engine w/ pully upgrade making 600rwhp and 608lbs tq. After purchase but before my SLC was even in the build stage, I was approached by my builder about a different gear ratio that he believed would help my SLC be more driver-friendly. Not knowing anything about the Graziano...
  8. weisserheilbronn

    What chassis is this

    Hello all, while investigating P1016 I stumbled over this: Does anybody know this car? The add does not specify the manufacturer....? Markus
  9. B

    Question Time

    I'm sure this happens to most people in this forum. You pull into the gas/petrol station with an interesting car on a trailer and someone starts talking to you about your car. This evening, I was accosted by a woman at the gas station who recognized my truck and trailer even though I didn't...
  10. T

    new member

    not sure exactly how this works . i think i'm addressing the whole community maybe not? anyway hello to all brand new to GT40' i live in CT and have a CAV gt40 s/n#57. Don't know much about the car owned it about a year and has been up on blocks pretty much the whole time. I hope ya'all...
  11. D

    Hello from Orange County, CA

    Hello all, New guy here. So when I told my boss that I was retiring back in 2013, he didn’t believe me. So I sold my BMW M6 and bought a motorhome. He believed me then, lol. So I’ve been driving an Airstream Interstate as a daily driver for 5 years now and, I must say, I miss having a fun, fast...
  12. andrewrobertson

    Wolseley 6/90 revival

    Hi All, Currently got the McLaren M1B replica under a sheet at the back of the shed and working on my Dad’s car – now mine since he has gone into care. It’s a 1957 Wolseley 6/90 series 2. These things had a 2.6L BMC C series and 4 speed box with right hand gear change and were not bad...
  13. F

    8 stack webers setup

    Sold sold
  14. F


    Easiest way to keep a 600hp+ monster cool at idle. I am not sure my car will overheat yet as the work isn't done, but I want to be proactive. Want my car cool in 80 degree humid weather. Any tricks or expensive overkill parts?
  15. F


    Do guys run 411 gears? I will have a 600hp+ car with Avon tires
  16. M

    Request for advice re Holley 4150

    Hi everyone. It's been quite a while since I last posted on GT40s. I have just purchased a Cobra replica, with a 427ci stroked 351W in it. The car drives like a train, but I think it's running extremely rich. In trying to acquaint myself with the car/motor, I just noticed that both the...
  17. R

    Red car in Iowa

    Build table is done and overhead crane is up. Now to get car on the table and start. I bought my Manta Mirage when I was 16 finished it the summer of my senior year and drove it very little , went to college got married, had kids, started a business, got hit by a car as a pedestrian, lost a...
  18. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Hi everyone, I figure I’d get started and create my build thread. I ordered an SLC 8 weeks ago so delivery date is something like 8 to 16 weeks out This will be my first component/kit car although at 19 years old I semi-restored a 68 Corvette. Did some body work, hand made the entire interior...
  19. P

    My last build.. RCR-GT40 or RCR-GT...California LA

    Hi everyone.... Spent the last 15 years on the Jeep and Corvette forums.. My sons and I race corvettes and the Baja 500.. We race dirt bikes as well:-) Anyway, we have 6 corvettes we race, but the one I always race in the the oldest one. My favorite and first corvette.. my 1979...
  20. S

    I have sinned - I need advise please!

    It has been 2+ years since I started and drove my Superformance GT40 MKII (standard Roush 427 single carb/RBT setup). Life had me focused in other areas. I have been storing it in a heated garage up on a lift. I think I put Stabil in the fuel system back then...not sure. I have had the...