1. C

    Mid-Engine Super Car On A Buget

    Thank you for showing interest. I have a tube frame chassis I have built, but I'm trying to figure out how to fit a Toyota 2UR-GSE to a Porsche Cayman 6 speed manual transmission. I know I will need a custom bell housing, clutch, ect. If you know where I might can find a business that can make...
  2. S

    Finally Able to say hello!

    It's been a challenge for me to get registered here on this forum, but I'm dreaming of an already build Superlite, and wanted to aquaint myself with the platform. Thanks for having me guys!
  3. PeteB

    2015 Superlite SL-C

    My Superlite build has been finished for over a year and I'm itching to build something else. Price: $87,500 Location: Dayton, OH Mileage ~ 2500 Contact: peteballentine @ att dot net Spring 2018 ReinCarNation cover car: Shutterfuel Media Feature...

    Original Style Monocoques - How long does it take to completion ?

    Looking at the forum history over the past ten or so years there have been several FAV style monocoque car started with only a few completed, and these were outfitted and finished by professional workshops. Build logs show that the hobbyist takes a long time - about 8-10 years. How many do...
  5. O

    Aussie GT40 - on a budget (if possible)

    G'day everyone, I'm Christopher. I'm eighteen and have started with a GT40 build. John Steiner (kaspa) suggested I get on here, so here I am. Some really nice cars cars being built, and your advice would be appreciated. So far the contraversial plan seems to be a chevy ls power plant...
  6. L

    Louis' RCR MKII Build

    The adventure has already begun but here are a few pictures of the start. The "Forty", as it's known in the garage, is nesseled between a restored 1961 Renault Beach Car, my rebuilt 1983 Lotus Esprit and you can just see the nose of a Gen V Dodge Viper, affectionately known as the Torque...
  7. Jkviper

    Mounting E-stopp braking system on an SLC

    Based on the various build threads I have read it looks like the preferred location to mount the E-stopp electronic braking system is along the outer drivers side frame rail. Wondering if after the car is built and the body is on, how would you service it? Do builders make the floor pans...
  8. Alan L

    Re-introduction: Alan's RCR 40

    Hello. I am late in posting, as I took delivery of my “Turn Key Minus” RCR40 from RCR in January. I am in the process of completing the engine install to include plumbing oil & coolant systems, alternator, compressor, clutch, etc. Although I am not assembling the kit, for me, getting this...
  9. A

    SGT #49 build

    Hi all, So I have embarked on the build of Southern GT #49. It has been a long time in planning. Mick, of course, has been great as I work through panelling the space frame and I am now looking forward to the next bit (once I have done the cockpit and the front!
  10. P

    My last build.. RCR-GT40 or RCR-GT...California LA

    Hi everyone.... Spent the last 15 years on the Jeep and Corvette forums.. My sons and I race corvettes and the Baja 500.. We race dirt bikes as well:-) Anyway, we have 6 corvettes we race, but the one I always race in the the oldest one. My favorite and first corvette.. my 1979...
  11. G

    Miami Active Power Build

    I am not a fabricator or an engineer but can figure things out and follow instructions. I had fun building a Cobra many years ago and decided to now build a GT40. I did lots of research looking for an affordable rolling chassis build. I looked at the quality of several manufacturers and found...
  12. L

    RCR GT40 Build Table Dimensions and Hello

    Hello Everyone I will be receiving my RCR GT40 MK2 in a few weeks. I noticed in the manual a rolling build table for the chassis. Does anyone know the dimensions of that table or a platform you may have built/bought? It looks like 3ft x 6ft. Scrolling through the manual I didn't...
  13. Jkviper

    New Jersey Builder

    Hi Everyone, I've been visiting the site for about 5 months now and am really enjoying it. Especially learning about how people are approaching their builds. I live in Central New Jersey and have been a car nut all my life. While I enjoy many hobbies(1/4 scale and 1/5 scale RC racing, model...
  14. Callaghan

    Silly short about my build

    Please (try to) enjoy a short silly (3min) video of my build. Link to either YouTube or Vimeo Pick your overlord... GT40 The Birth copy - YouTube GT40_The_Birth copy on Vimeo
  15. S

    New guy, planning a new weird build

    Hey Everyone! Just want to introduce myself before I start scouring this forum for some help on my build. My Name is Clint and I currently live in Nashville, TN, USA but will soon be moving to Colorado and building a new home. I have loved cars my whole life and have owned everything from...
  16. D

    Newbie here

    Hi everyone, well it finally has happened, ever since I had my first glance of the GT40 as a teen I was hooked and swore one day I would build one. At age 17 I already was into Mustangs and had a 1970 Fastback that I resto-modded, along many others. Since then I have been dreaming about it and...
  17. 7

    302 or 351W??? I'm driving myself nuts

    Well I'm still in the planning stages of a GT40 build. But I really want to have everything lined up before I drop the $$$$. I've been pouring over all the stuff online regarding various drivetrain possibilities. I think I've got the trans down as a Porsche unit. I've talked with several of...
  18. R

    Can AC be added later

    I am looking to buy or build a GT40 replica. I have seen multiple GT40's that don't have AC. How hard is it to add? I haven't found a kit yet other than a kit car manufacturer. Has anyone add ac after a build? Any pics of the AC install? Thought about electric driven compressors vs engine driven.
  19. L

    GT40 Chassis starting point

    Hi all, I tried to search to see if this question has every been asked before and could not find it. My question is this; What production car chassis (if any) most approximates the needed specifications of a ford GT or ford GT40 chassis? Specifically, the windshield, leg room, dash...
  20. 7

    What are all the special tools I keep reading about???

    Hi, I've read a bunch on the site here. And it seems to come up a lot. What exactly are all the "special" tools that someone is going to need to build one of these cars?