Active Power - New Owner?


I spoke to Chris Ardern's son today, calling to get info on cars. He told me they sold the company in April to a gentleman in Minnesota named Todd.

I saw the site had been relabeled to an address in Minnesota. Did a little Google searching and the address comes up to a gentleman named Todd Bolzer

Does anyone know anything about this? Tried calling the phone number but it went to voicemail. Left a message but no call back

Hi Paul,
I’m in the research/planning stages and considering AP, and have been in contact .
Would enjoy comparing notes - - -Please check your pm’s.

I’m also considering Active Power. The site still has Ohio listed in some places, although the contact information is updated. I’m guessing everything has been moved to Minnesota?
I plan on calling next week, would love to get some feedback from others.
I took delivery in March of my roller. I went with AP because I plan to track it some, and if something happens at the track (or on the street) I could fix the frame myself, and pick up new control arms and suspension off the shelf. My body has been challenging, but nothing I can't handle. I think if quality control was a little tighter as the body parts were pulled out of the molds and put together, there would be less work on my end.
Same reason I went with AP, proven off the shelf suspension not having to worry about replacement parts years later. Build is pretty straightforward and customization is possible.
specifically what issues did you guys have with the body? I saw a thread where someone was having a problem with the vent in the hood, but it wasn’t clear to me if it was modified to hold a larger radiator.
The body “problems” are similar to most other bodies that are available. If you want great even gaps, you’ll have to work for them. My single-opening hood was terrible as delivered. I tried heat, clamps, weights,etc to try to get the fiberglass to move to where I wanted it. I decided to cut it up and will epoxy it back together after it is fit. I had to cut the slope anyway, since I wanted it to go all the way to the bottom of the rad. It’s next on the list. This is a common thing across most manufacturers as well.