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Hi All. I am new to this but here goes. I have recently bought a completed GT40 Australia Replica constructed by Greg Marriott. I have been eyeing this car for years so finally got the cash together to buy it off greg.
My issue is with the fixed seat I am not comfortable wit the driving position. I like control so I want the pedals and steering in a better position for me...
I am trying to decide if installing an adjustable reverse Pedal Box is the best option?
As the seat is fixed and required by compliance to remain that way the only way I can get a better driving position is to pull the pedals forward. I have found that AP Racing make a reverse floor mounted pedal box has anyone fitted this type before?
I am awaiting pricing at the moment and the set up will mean that the master cylinders will be in the cabin on the floor but the set up gives about 180mm of adjustment in 19 positions. I am not too sure about the impact of the floor height and potential to foul the steering as yet?
I have attached the drawing of the reverse set up.
Anyone used this set up before???? Designed for GT racing I think


Nick Brough

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Hi Richard,

I have a Southern GT hang down pedal box not a floor mounted one on my car, but quite a few owners have used floor mounted systems, Not sure which manufacturer SGT use there is a picture of one on their web site, fist picture on the bottom row.

Southern GT - Manufacturer of the new Southern GT40 Replica-scnvk4tuaki2mog710rjecune0

Have a feeling they may have used a Tilton set up on one car ;-), 1st picture

May be worth getting in contact with Mick at SGT as he can advise you on what they currently use, and no doubt supply if required.
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Hi Nick
Thanks for the reply. I could see from the pictures that Southern GT allow a larger opening through the front firewall than I though was possible.
My current set up is mounted against the fire wall pic attached.

Cheers Richard


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Ian Anderson
I would also check the pedal ratio
The one you posted above is 4.5 to one
You will probably need boosters to get the brakes to work well.

I have a hung Tilton pedal box in my Dax at About 6.5 to one and even that needs a good shove on the pedal with no boosters.



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Hi All ...Thought I would give some feedback on what I eventually did regarding adjustment in cabin .... So ditched the pedal box idea and decided to fit new seats... could not as much as we tried to get an adjusting rail in place... End up with various fix points to move the seat to which takes about 20 minutes to do. Will load up a couple of pictures ..I went for a Tillett Racing Seat B6 cheers

Jim C

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Jim Cowden
Adjustable seats ends up being a new seat.
I made seats to work with adjusters.
Tracks are on the outside and the seats drop down between.

You never have enough room ,you are finding that out.