aftermarket pcm ecu help please

hi all
rarely post, building a tube frame chassis with LS motor
did a search but came up blank

question: any aftermarket go to product for a non factory ecu or pcm?

the stock unit by the time its flashed and you get the pin connectors really adds up price wise

we'll be using these on the e-rod gm crate engines normally aspirated and supercharged

grateful for any suggestions :)
The e_Rod packages require the standard ECM, IIRC.

They come with a factory tune that is designed for that engine, so they don't really need to re-flashed if you are using the e-Rod engine as intended. If fact, the standard tune is required if you are really planning to use the engine to meet the CARB rules.

If you use the standard hardness, you won't need to re-pin, or re-wire. It's all pretty painless.

I think most of the SLC builds that are using anything like a standard LS engine are using the GM controller kit. It has the ECU, harness, pedal ETC, O2 bungs, fuse box, etc all in a neat kit for $900 or so.

If you really need aftermarket, there are lots of choices, with MoTec at the high end, and Megasquirt at the other extreme.