All about the RCR LMP1...

Fran, do you have someone setup to do the standard LSx/C6 tranny arrangement? Forte/Keisler or is this something we can buy from you?

Didn't know how this might be packaged:
1. fend for ourselves
2. you would be able to offer the adapter for standard arrangement
3. proprietary vendor that is familiar with your needs and packaging

I apologize if I missed this in the 15 page thread that I've read several times, but have been pondering this and haven't seen it come up recently. Really wish my schedule was more flexible to make it up soon to help gain a direction between this and the LeMans.

Fran Hall RCR

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we have a supplier for the trans and the mods required.....I have not asked him if he will modify a used trans as the price for a new one is around 7k with a choice of ratios....ready to bolt in...and take big power

The LMP is going to be a track beast...ABSOLUTELY zero chance of it being street legal ...if that makes any difference to your choice...
Oh, it does I guess but there lies the partial rub and dilemma. Your LeMans looks so nice as a street car, but really have enough of those. Your LMP1 would allow me track time without the use of my pesky over priced 6 bangers. That is the real appeal to it, where I can certainly go quicker for less coin than those silly Stuggart things I also love. The LMP1 would make a better "balanced" stablemate to my NASA AIX. My only limited experiences past that is very limited time in a G-Force and Diasio (As Chris is our track owner). The Diasio is what ruined me on drag racing. I'll just have to find a way up this spring.

$7k for a bolt in big hp transaxle is key. You have hit it out of the park on packaging something here that NO one else has done before.
Well fellas we have another future LMP owner onboard...
and this guys is serious...

We are looking at a SEQ. gearset for this build....

I know Emco makes one and now MTI racing has one too....we just have to check on a couple of shift system details but this is very exciting....
Very good news!! I appreciated a good heel-n-toe as much as anyone, but this LMP is going to be too fast for me. Add the corner entry speeds and lateral Gs this thing is capable to the fact that I certainly don't get the h-n-t right 100% of the time, and I'm going to need some help staying on the road. I could just go slow and take the shift easy, but I'd rather Fran find a sequential for me to buy:)

When is the LMP going to hit the track? I want to come see it as soon as it's rolling.

Justin H
The sequential trans is the way to go in this car and particularly a paddle shifted version. At the speeds this car will be able to go around the track at, having both hands on the wheel will be a big help.

Fran Hall RCR

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I really want to build a diesel one of these to go do the 25 hr....better fuel mileage than a Miata....but just a little quicker....

Fran Hall RCR

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Funny man....wink

The real real issue is that the damn things mke so much torque the only way is really with the unit we are already working on....

Having talked with Ricardo in the past about ther involvement with Peugeot and Audi for their diesel programmes we would be looking at a hundred grand plus for the transaxle alone...with on electronics or its non starter..
Can we adapt the sequential trans we are looking at to the V8 TT TDi? Is it just a matter of making an adapter?

Everything always sounds so easy in my head but I'm obviously not an engineer so sometimes reality kicks me in the teeth!! Luckily I'm too stubborn to give up.
Hello Fran
Would you want me to ask to my good friend Bruno Famin (Peugeot sport tech manager ) one or two 908 diesel engines ....LOL
At the moment with all these bad news on PSA they probably don't know what to do with all units they have in stock !!!!!!
House tables or museum gifts to show ....... ha ha ha
If you could watch their shed ; it's really unbeleavable as usual ... hundred and more parts, engines and gearboxes and nothing to tell about titanium fully ready fitted uprights ; but in fact your alu ones are far more "human" ( say not extra terestrial or alien made!!) Your CNC parts are absolutly lovely
Your new LMP will be an "aluminium cathedral" bravo ; just dreaming to live near your factory and help friendly in doing nice infusion carbon parts for your future bodywork !!!! LOL

Fran Hall RCR

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Just the beginning guys...the build of an LMP will be the simplest product we have on the market allowing more track time and less garage time....

The bodies are gelcoat finish and available in the normal 12 colours we have available.

The dash has OBD2 connectivity so the wiring will also be plug and play also....

With Penske shocks and an FIA fuel cell as standard its going to be track ready from day one....