An/jic fitting dimensions


Just been designing the fuel tanks for my demo car, and I've recreated a tabulated drawing of the AN/JIC 37 degree taper fittings for all the different dash sizes. Always a handy reference for sizes and threads etc when doing fuel pipes and tanks.

I thought it might come in use for other builders so please find it attached.

I've put a note on the drawing for UK builders that these weld on fittings are available in common sizes from Think Automotive, who also do all the elbows and pipes etc that go with them. Any male fitting will conform to the sizes shown.

As its a US mil spec, all the dimensions are in inches, and for Europeans a quick explaination of the thread call out-:-

7/8" - 14 UNJF - 3A broken down is:-

OD of the thread - Number of threads per inch - UNJF basically means its an aerospace thread form, fine pitch (if making your own, for our uses, don't worry you can use a UNF thread form) - 3A refers to the class of thread, in terms of its fit/tolerance. So basically for our normal uses, its just a tarty way of specifying a 7/8" UNF thread.



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Very handy. I made a version of this in a spreadsheet but it only has the thread specifications and I like your version better. Thanks for your contribution.