AP Monobloc 4-Piston Calipers

Hello forum members, for sale I have 2 sets of 2 front calipers, part numbers CP5850-4SOM and CP5850-5SOM respectively. The reason for sale is that I will not be able to make them work with the steering axle of my car.

Simply put, these components would have been the nicest on my whole car. They are a single piece design, have titanium vented pistons and are asymmetrical in the sense that either the right or left hand caliper can be made to mount leading or trailing via changing the relation of the crossover tubes vs the bleed screws. Super trick, jewel-like, sequentially serial numbered (!), and retail for $3650 per caliper (!!). Really wanted to see one on each corner of my race car. C'est la vie.

NOTE: I have two sets but only one is for sale. However, if two forum members, or one decided he needed them both, I could part with both sets. At the risk of being wishy-washy, I am able to use one set on the rear and am going to make every attempt to do so, but at the end of the day everything is for sale.

The "used" set: Came from top NASCAR team, has usual nicks and scrapes but not like one is used to seeing on a car that has it's tires changed every fifteen minutes by someone who is in an alarming hurry to do so. No obvious heat related issues. Mechanically appear fine (pistons move in their bores, no leaks around seals, hoses or joints) Cosmetically would look fine even on my brand new chassis. Radial mount bracket shown in pictures not included. $1650 Plus shipping/insurance.

The "new-used" set: Must have been unused spares for a team. Never had fluid in 'em. They are 100% brilliant save for some very minor scuff/galling on the inside of the caliper caused by a careless shipper/packer that is hardly worth mentioning. $1850 Plus shipping/insurance.

Below are photos of the used set.



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