Audi 016 Heavy Duty gear set

Here is zip file of my Gear chart for my Hewland LG-600. You could use it for any gearbox up to 6 speeds. You can update the ring and pinion and gears for any transmission. It shows a chart with rpm drops for each gearshift. I have also included a file with the Audi 016 proposed gears. I guessed on the teeth count to get the ratios proposed. Have fun.


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Add me to the list, also is it likley we can specify the fifth gear ratio or not. Not sure what the loads on the bearings will be or do they need to be beefed up as well.
How about an update on the 016 gear sets? Is Quaife still on board to produce these and do you have any sort of production date prediction?
We`ve no news at this time but I`ll have a word with Quaife next week to see how things are progressing and pass any info on but no proposed date as of yet.
Mick, the full gear set will only be available in the final advertised ratios, try your tyre size options with these and either the 3.89 or 4.11 Audi final drives and you should find something that works.
Thats fine I will prefer 3.89. Any info on the loads the standard bearings will take and wether they will need to be changed.


I have a rebuilt O1E that just arrived from the UK if your interested.
very resonable.

Regards oliver
No news to report yet I`m afraid, we`re still waiting on the prototype gear set (it comes to us when Quaife are 100% happy with it) but it shouldn`t be too much longer now.
Yeah, we`ve got a ratio sheet and some other bits and bobs that need looking at. I think it`s pretty close to what we wanted but I`ve not realy had time to have a real good look at it. I will tomorrow now I `ve been reminded and will let you know some more when I can.
Stuart, Can you give us some information about what the gear ratios will be? I am very interested in this project and I am eager to see what we will be getting. Will this set include a stronger input shaft? I haven't heard that this is a problem but anything better will be appreciated.
Eric, guys, sorry it`s taken some time from my last post, the usual stuff with work, family etc.
Anyway, we do have a final on ratios, they are:
1st 2.545 2nd 1.688 3rd 1.211 4th 0.905 5th 0.680
As the majority of 016 Audi `boxes used the 3.89 final drive this is what we based this set around and you`ve also the option of the 4.11 that turns this to a close ratio set that should work well for the track (well, at least the `car parks` we have in England).
As I`ve pointed out before, please take a look at a gear ratio calculator and you`ll get some idea of how this will feel with your particular tyre size.
The one on our web site at now has another tool that also shows rev` drop between gears.
We based this ratio set around the 3.89 final drive and working on the idea that most guys will have a 302 that`s been tuned to some extent, we gave a rev` ceiling of 6000rpm.
To kind of take an average of what we seem to be using we ended up with a tyre diameter of 0.650 giving a circumference of 2.0420.
With these parameters (and assuming you wish to rev` out to 6K with each gear change (hey, you have to take a measure somewhere!)) the rev` drops are:
1st/2nd 2022.321
2nd/3rd 1695.906
3rd/4th 1515.528
4th/5th 1490.526
This is a full gear set including a one piece (not joined as in Renualt type design) input/quill shaft and retains the Audi final drive, it will take the Quaife ATB (or any other aftermarket) LSD you wish to fit that`s been designed to fit the standard 016 gearbox.
I`ve not got the ratio calculator running in front of me but from using my own tyre sizes it gave a motorway cruising speed of 70mph at something like 2200-2400rpm and was in the region of 178mph at 6000rpm, from what I can remember, (it would be best to try your own combintation).
As part of the original design spec` for this gear set, if your engine can make good power and rev` past 8000rpm you will have a genuine 200mph car (aerodynamics allowing), but more importantly this is a gear set with `real world` usable ratios that can take the power of a good 302/351 engine.
Just as a point of interest, we are also thinking of offering a reinforcement plate with the kits, as an optional extra, of the same design of the one at this link:
When you consider the failures experianced, and the way that these have been addressed, we feel the fix has proven itself and we fully agree with Jim on this, there`s no better proof than the fact that it works.
So now I`ll get to the point of all this, and this is where I need you guys.
To make this 016 heavy duty gear set a reality we need to take firm orders, we`ve done the leg work and have what we feel is the perfect solution for those that cannot afford a ZF but want a strong gearbox with `real world` usable gear ratios (instead of pulling away in second or cruising with the motor reving it`s guts out).
As a company C.T.S. needs to ensure that we`re not paying out a lot of money to have some expensive gears sitting on the shelf gathering dust!
For those that are unsure of how this works (or haven`t read the fully thread) I`ll explain.
I work at C.T.S. (, I don`t own the company, I started building my GT40 and realised, because I work in the gearbox industry, that the gearbox of choice (for my budget) was the Audi 016 but it could do with being a fair bit stronger and the Audi gear ratios were far from ideal for this new application, so these needed sorting too.
Having a previous relationship with Quaife with there making our (C.T.S.) world class T5 gear kits, I managed to convince the boss that there was a need (and market) for a gear set for the 016 for GT40s/Ultimas/Lambos.
So I`ve been given a long piece of rope with this project to work with Quaife to produce what we feel is right.
Now it`s time for C.T.S. (Bernie) to put his hand in his pocket and pay for the first (of many hopefully) batch of this gear kit and the quantity has to be a minimum of 30 units.
This is a fair bit of money and he will only go for it if we have firm orders so it`s now down to you guys to descide.
We should have final prices soon, we did initialy want to keep this gear kit under 1K GBP but the one piece input may have pushed it just over, we`re still unsure of how this will work out but I`ll post what we have ASAP.
If it`s going to happen it will do so within the next couple of months, otherwise it gets put to bed for good.
If you wish to place an order please do so via the company web site ( as this can not be done via my personal email address and this is not realy the place either.
Ron, many thanks for letting us post this on the web site, I`ll email you Monday (or feel free to email me at C.T.S.) in order for the company to become an official contributor (as I`ve not a clue how it works here).
I`ll leave it to you guys....
Thanks to all for reading this.
Hello Stuart, I went to website and could not find a area yet for this kit. Do we just need to email, or is something being set up on the website ? regards, Dan
Hi Dan, just fire an email via the contact link on the web site mate.
The reason there are no details on the site for this kit yet is because there`s a fair bit of updating that needs to be done in the new year anyway (we also now have G-Force and OS-Giken kits, a sequential 6 speed for the Escort Cosworth, prices to change, etc etc, all the usual stuff) we thought we`d leave this addition untill then.
But more importantly, the last piece in the jigsaw, orders.
So far so good, I`ve started putting a list of enquieries together and we`ll take it from there.
The prototype will be in our hands in 8-10 weeks and as soon as we have it to play with I`ll post a bunch of pictures and any futher details we have but in the mean time I`ll get final prices and options confirmed and made available, this should only take a couple of weeks at most.