Audi 016 tranaxle

I am a newbie and am looking for info..I am building a GT 40 and going to put in a Mazda three rotor(twin turbo) rotary engine with an Audi 016 transaxle. I am going to have to make my own adaptor as I know of none available..Does anyone know the exact measurements of bolt holes from center of shaft,etc...Thanks
Hey Earl,
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I would be guessing but wouldn't you have a
Lonestar GT40 kit? If so then I'm sure that lone star would be the source for the part you need or at least where you might obtain them.
I have seen their product at the Knottsberry
show. It wasn't too bad for the price either.
I thought it a bit odd for them to offer a Mazda motor in their kits but after I saw the Mazda spec racers tearing around the track,I was impressed.If you do have this kit, what do you think of it ?

Im new to this as well I have a fiberfab avenger not an exact replica of a gt40 but their are a few poeple out their that build them. I now of one avenger that uses the mozda and audi set up If you would like I could get you his E-mail Adress so that you could ask him a few ? Let me know if I can help.
Earl S.