Audi OI6 question

Hi Mark, I'm trying to swap over the front casing on a 016 and setup the diff/pinion, i believe the pinion depth is very important to get correct would it be possiable for me to download the manual.
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Well, I tried to upload it to my web site but it wasn't there when I was done so I assume I bumped into my maximum size limit. If someone has a site I can FTP it to let me know.
I am not sure if/how setup others to FTP to my site (setup with yahoo); however, if you sent it to me with a CD-ROM I could upload it myself.
Ok, I have been kind of secret about this and have just been sending them out to people I see ask. If anyone wants a manual for their transmission (dont have ZF), let me know, the one for the 016 is 6mb, cant remember the g50. If you seriously think that one day you will tear your tranny down, send me an email and I will send you the files. If you want it just to have it, send me a PM and when I have a moment I will send it.

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I spoke to GTA and it seems that the 3.37 R&P from the 944 will not fit into the 016 transaxle. This pinion shaft is slightly longer than the others because some of the gears are wider than those in the other transaxles. Back to the drawing board.
I spoke to them Tuesday afternoon and John said that he had just finished his research that morning and discovered that it wouldn't fit due to the difference in the gear width which made the shaft longer.
Eric A.,

How much longer is the 944 pinion shaft? Maybe it could be machined to the 016 length. I'm in the process of disassembling my 016. I'll measure the pinion shaft when I'm done.

Thanks Eric

I don't know why my PM didn't get through.
I spoke to John today, and he mentioned he was going to solicit quotes for special ring/pinions
to fit the 016. When you hear more about that please let us know.Thx

Charlie, I don't know the difference in length but part of the difference is in the difference in the length and position of the splines for 3rd and 4th gears. This makes it impossible to modify the 944 shaft to fit the 016 box.
Why not just use a 944 gearbox?

Excuse my ignorance, but I'm having trouble finding detailed enough information to figure this out on my own, so I'll ask those who know: why not just use a 944 box? I'm guessing that it is a 4wd gearbox because I've never heard of a front wheel drive 944... is that right?
Re: Why not just use a 944 gearbox?

The 944 box uses 016 internals but a fifferent case, without the required bellhousing bolt pattern because it was installed in the rear of the 944 and driven via a torque tube.
Re: Why not just use a 944 gearbox?

The 944 box is not designed to use a clutch at the box. The input shaft doesn't have the necessary end for a pilot bearing or the splines for a clutch plate. Also there are no provisions for the throwout bearing.