Audi R8 transaxle dimensions and questions.


I have been researching the Graziano transaxle from a R8 and have a few questions.

The R8 transaxle is a AWD unit (North American version that I have access to), with the Audi V8 or V10 (lambo the same unit?). Looks like the lower portion of the Audi block has an integral passage for the forward shaft to connect to the front differential. Has anyone here bolted a Ford Modular engine to this transmission? Or are people getting a RWD only unit, or possibly removing the lower shaft if that's an option? Im inquiring if a Ford mod engine, 4.6/5.0 could bolt to this transaxle and still use the forward shaft for an AWD machine.

I have some pics attached of dimensions I would require to see if this could fit into a build I have, if anyone has access to this and could supply the dimensions that would be greatly appreciated. Adapter plates general thickness in the 1-2" range? I would use the Ford flywheel and starter, but use a R8 clutch? Would I need a custom pressure plate? Does anyone have the input/output shaft splines, and diameters?

Shaft dims.png
Side dims.png

Thank you for your help.

W is approx 185mm, L approx 750mm.

If you need the rest i can take measurements during weekend as i have a loose transmission in the basement. The shaft for front diff can be chopped off.

Joel K


Kurtiss installed the Graz with a Coyote engine. He did a detailed write up in a pdf file. The link to the file is in post #34 of his build thread…lots of great info.

Thank you for those dimensions, they help a lot.

I just looked at Kurtiss thread, that's an amazing car he built. looks like the adapter plate is way smaller than I envisioned. ill have to send him a message about the flywheel/clutch setup in detail for sure. thank you.