Avon CR6ZZ. age of tire

Stephen Ducker

I'm only aware of the three or four digit number for this, assuming you are thinking of the age of the tyres ?

DA Appearance Defect
Fred, general rule of thumb is replace at 5 years.There is supposed to be another set of numbers stating when tire was made......ex 2010 would mean 20thwk of 2010. S


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I'm not familiar with CR6ZZ specifically, but the date code is often only on one side of the tire so you may also have to check the inner tire wall as well. Bear in mind that the Avon CR6ZZ are a stickier race tire compound that will deteriorate quicker than your normal road tire as they lose the volatile compounds that make them sticky.

Dave Collins

The date code looks like is just on one side of the tyre. I checked some old ones I have and on one side it has a code to the right of the AT code you mentioned above. To the left of the AT code is the E11 marking. My old tyres have 2814 which I assume means week 28 2014.


Fred, just do some research before jumping, we have always used Avons on Ian's single seater ( slicks ) and we're about to buy another very expensive set for this season ( that's another story, ) then found that Pirelli had produced some new F3 sprint tyres in a derivation of F1 compounds , and also a bit cheaper ! , so we tried these and immediately were several seconds a lap quicker than our best on Avons, so it's worth a bit of thought and opinion of the users here.
Hi Dave,

I checked on other side of tire and indeed I found it
Rear. 13212. so I assume manufacturer date being 2012
Front 4613 so I assume 2013