Back-to-Front GT40. He,he,he!!!

Hi Everybody,

In early 2000 a friend gave me a cartoon drawing of a fellow who had just built a kayak. The rear end tapered up in the correct position but the front drooped downwards in the opposite direction, hence the head on the arm and the exasperated expression!

This gave me the idea of a back-to-front GT40. I cut out the drawing of the unhappy kayak builder and glued it on to my drawing.

In the background is the original CAV factory and the Ford pick-up is my loyal, long suffering, hard working 1983 Ford Cortina pick-up - another Ford classic.

Recently I had a closer look at my original drawing and as the GT40 was full of faults I drew it again and glued it over the original. To add the final touch I included a pic of Norman Lewis, Robbie Senekal and Norman's brother Glyn, who were all earlier CAV stalwarts. I worked closely with Glyn on the compilation of the build manual. Judging by the grins on their faces you would think that they had built the back-to-front GT40. They wouldn't do such a thing would they!

The moral of the story is follow the build manual!

May your New Year be forward and not backward looking!
Andre 40