Best advice For Women. EVER


Did Mohamed ever specify the sex of the virgins?

My God! That's it! It could be the answer to everything.. Does Mohamed permit male sodomy? If he doesn't then... if this gets around, it could be curtains for the suicide vest trade.
"[The clitoris has] been ignored, vilified, made taboo, and considered sinful" Not by me it hasn't “It’s time to give this beautiful organ the attention it deserves". What planet have you been living on? Line 'em up son, line 'em up!


Pete McCluskey.

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Clitoral mutilation is a very real, sad and barbaric part of some religions.
I don't think it is something to joke about even here.

Mark I hasten to add I wasn't having a dig at you, my post just happened to follow yours.
I agree with you "line em up". But a lot of people are unaware of the practice of clitoral mutilation. And how often it is carried out not only in third world countries but in our own backyards.
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